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Gargoyles Character Overview

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Local Friends



An immortal former King of Scotland now locked into an eternal conflict with Demona that can only end with the death of both. He is guided by a strong code of personal honor that prevents him from relying on the underhanded tactics Demona prefers, as in that, even in his deepest enmity to the clan, he refused to kill them by smashing their stone forms.

He and Demona have interlinked histories. She helped him win the throne of Scotland in the 11th century, and he gave her her name with a promise to coexist with her kind. They were linked for all eternity by the Weird Sisters, with the human trading his youth to achieve immortality and Demona's aid. The only way they can die is for one to kill the other, with feeling each other's pain. Demona betrayed his trust and brought the destruction of her clan once more. When he was thought to have been killed by Canmore, Gruoch, his wife, insisted that he go into hiding since his people would likely not accept him as an immortal. During the years leading up to the twentieth century, while pursuing Demona for her treachery, he was accumulating a vast fortune quietly in order to obtain the equipment and resources to battle and kill Demona.

He finally saw his opportunity to move when he learned of disbelieved reports of Gargoyles active in New York and close links to David Xanatos' castle. He came to Xanatos in prison and offered to help deal with Goliath and his comrades, requesting a fee for his services as not to arouse suspicion as to his motives. This was done to get hostages to lure Demona to him, but he had to abandon that idea when he learned that the clan opposed her. He later attempted to steal the Scrolls of Merlin to gain their magic, but found that they were only diaries and relinquished them to Goliath.

The Weird Sisters manipulated the two of them to help them take back Avalon. This included the stealing of several magic items from the Manhattan clan and then openly attacking the island. During that battle, he fell to King Arthur Pendragon and he was sent away with no memory of his activities under the Sister's control..

After being freed from the Weird Sisters, he ended up in France where he courted a red headed woman. However, upon marriage she turned out to be Demona, who is human during the day. They were manipulated to fight each other by Thailog, who hoped that they would kill each other so he could control the combination of his, Demona's and Macbeth's fortunes alone. Goliath and Elisa interfered in this and saved Macbeth's life. This led to Macbeth finally making peace with Goliath while the gargoyle pointed out that the immortal still had a reason to live if he was capable of romantic relationships.

Later Macbeth traveled to New York to perform a summoning spell which produced King Arthur Pendragon and Griff. Upon learning about their quest for Excalibur, Arthur's legendary magic sword, he raced them to gain the weapon himself to claim the birthright as The Once and Future King, using his past reign as a monarch as justification. However, the sword he took was only a decoy and Arthur found the real one thus securing his birthright. Macbeth acknowledged this and the pair reconciled. Arthur then asked him to be one of his knights. Macbeth refused to be subordinate to him, but offered his aid should Arthur ever need it.

He later took up shop as a history teacher and has publicly defended the Gargoyles on television. Presumably, the clan can count on his help as an ally should Demona make another genocide attempt.

Voice: John Rhys-Davies

Peter Maza

Father of Elisa Maza. He is a police sergeant and the primary reason that his two children are both police officers.

As a young man, he decided to abandon his father's Reservation to pursue a more modern life. This encouraged a skeptical attitude towards his father's beliefs (most likely Hopi), creating a rift that was never reconciled.

He was forced to abandon that attitude when he found himself having to help the mystical being, "The Coyote", escape the clutches of Xanatos. The being mentioned that the two were linked and his presence was necessary for the Coyote to defend himself.

Voice: Michael Horse

Diane Maza

Elisa's mother. She believes in her children's ability to decide what is best for themselves.

A scholar in various African cultures, she took an excursion to Africa to learn about the traditional culture of a certain tribe. While she was there, she met Elisa, who was on the world tour with Goliath, Angela and Bronx courtesy of the Mists of Avalon. Demanding an explanation as to her disappearance and subsequent appearance thousands of miles from New York, Elisa was forced to introduce her to the Gargoyles who helped explain their situation. Together, Diane helped the gang along with the resident werepanthers oppose Anubis, the Spider god, and defeat him.

Voice: Nichelle Nichols

Beth Maza

Beth Maza

Eliza's sister. Unlike Elisa, she decided to follow her mother's footsteps and is studying the various Amerindian tribe cultures at Flagstaff University in Arizona. That led to her investigating Xanatos' operations concerning a land carving of the Coyote and uncovering his plan to enslave the Child of Oberon, Coyote. She is less serious minded than Elisa, yet she is as committed to her own work as Elisa is to hers.

Voice: Monica Allison

Derek Maza/Talon

Derek Maza
Derek Maza

Elisa's brother. He is very headstrong and independent. He was once a member of the NYPD as a helicopter pilot, but left to be in the employ of David Xanatos as his pilot and bodyguard. He was injected with a mutagenic agent that turned him into a creature that is part panther and part bat. He then called himself Talon and blamed the gargoyles for his plight. The transformation was apparently an accident, but it was actually part of Xanatos' plan to have a group of Gargoyle equivalents loyally serving him.

Later he learned of Xanatos' role in his change and turned against him while reconciling with Goliath. He settled in the old Cyberbiotics underground lab, now the Labyrinth, with the rest of the Mutates looking out for the homeless there as a benevolent anarchy. When Fang attempted to seize control of the place, Derek was forced to assume authority as leader upon Fang's defeat.

Derek later agreed to hold Demona prisoner in the Labyrinth. Unfortunately this was part of Demona's plan to get genetic material from the Gargoyles to create primitive slave clones and he was captured with the others. When they freed themselves and Thailog and Demona disappeared while fighting each other, he decided to take in the primitive clones of the Manhattan clan in order to educate them as much as their intelligence would allow.

Voice: Rocky Carroll



A member of the Mutates. His genetic structure was altered along the lines of a tiger. This made him the strongest member, but the manipulation also rendered him mute.

After the group established themselves in the Labyrinth, he partnered with Fang in intimidating the homeless and attempted to seize control of the place. He eventually rebelled and helped bring Fang down.

Maggie Reed

Maggie Reed

A member of the Mutates. Originally from Ohio, she was a homeless person when she was abducted by Sevarius and her genetic structure was manipulated into a feline based Gargoyle approximation against her will. She escaped from the lab and ran into Brooklyn who immediately became infatuated with her. Unfortunately, she spurned his advances and offers while stubbornly asserting her humanity.

This attitude was reinforced when a raid on the lab made it appear that Sevarius was killed and the only antidote to her and the others' condition was lost. They turned to Xanatos who offered to help them if they could serve him the meantime. She and the others forcefully agreed, unaware that all these events were arranged by Xanatos to get their loyalty as a goon squad for him.

She and the others later found Sevarius alive and in the company of Goliath (who was forcing the scientist to make a cure for the Mutates). When the resulting fight was interrupted by Sevarius who claimed to have developed the antidote, Maggie insisted on either she or Claw first take it. However Sevarius' manner with the chemical raised everyone's suspicions that he was trying to poison them instead. Regardless, Maggie was still eager to use it and it took some earnest persuading by Derek to stop her from ingesting it.

When the group settled into the Labyrinth, the relationship between Maggie and Derek developed into a strong one that Brooklyn, with reluctant gallantry, reinforced when he agreed to Maggie's pleas to help her stop Fang.

Voice: Kath Soucie



One of Goliath's rookery brothers. He was killed in the Viking assault in 994 but brought back to life by Xanatos and Demona as a gargoyle/Steel Clan cyborg in 1994. He was shot by Demona and fell into the icy Hudson River. His programming repaired him and he set off on a mission for Xanatos. In the process of stealing data from a military computer, he was infected by a computer virus. This virus brought out his true personality. It seems that Coldstone was constructed from the remains of three gargoyles, whose souls now inhabit his body. The virus successfully repelled, he fought an internal battle with the souls in his body, two good, one evil. He eventually left the gargoyles, fearing he was a danger to them.

Coldstone was later captured by Xanatos as part of a plan of removing his conflicting personalities from him. After some trouble, the two resident personalities were removed by Puck and Alexander and placed into two android bodies called Coldsteel for the malevolent male and Coldfire for Coldstone's mate.

Once in his new body, Coldsteel made his escape. Coldstone and Coldfire stated that containing him was their responsibility and took off in pursuit promising to return when they dealt with their enemy.

Voice: Michael Dorn

Halcyon Renard

Halcyon Renard

Owner of Cyberbiotics and father of Fox. He is obsessed with integrity and demands it of his employees. This rigid moral stance served to oppose David Xanatos while alienating his wife Anastasia (the human form of Titania), Owen Burnett (the human form of Puck) and his daughter.

Some months after losing his first airship to a raid by Demona and Goliath, he managed to build another one with a completely automated crew aside from himself and his assistant Preston Vogel. Facing ruin if another mishap occurred, he was understandably disturbed when he detected Goliath following the ship (to protect it from harm). He had the Gargoyle captured, and with him imprisoned, personally persuaded Goliath to accept his responsibility for the destruction that he caused. This understanding was strengthened considerably when Goliath helped save Renard's ship from being destroyed because of Fox. With that act, Renard felt that Goliath made adequate amends for his earlier actions and the two parted friends.

When introduced, he was already elderly and confined to a special wheelchair, now he seems to be also seriously ill, possibly with Multiple Sclerosis. It is bad enough that he will try desperate attempts to prolong his life, such as transferring his consciousness into a Golem. Goliath persuaded him to abandon that idea as a mockery of life and Renard now feels he owes Goliath a big favor. He offered to transport the travelers home, and when they politely refused, probably gave them at least some money and a promise to tell Elisa's family about their situation.

Renard later had a partial reconciliation with Xanatos for the sake of his newborn grandson, Alexander. This went so far as to him helping Xanatos resist Oberon's abduction attempt.

Voice: Robert Culp

Preston Vogel

Preston Vogel

Dr. Renard's aide-de-camp. He betrayed Renard in an attempt to destroy the second air fortress, but eventually changed his mind when he learned that his boss intended to go down with the ship if he could not save it. He helped save the ship while confessing to his crime to his boss.

Renard apparently forgave him and he still serves as his right hand man even though his methods are more ruthless than Renard's. He was responsible for Jackal and Hyena's attempt to destroy the Guatemalan gargoyles.

Voice: Peter Scolari

Petros Xanatos

A simple fisherman whose family life was turned upside down when a stranger (actually an Illuminati agent) delivered a medieval coin worth $20,000 to his son David.

David took that treasure and parlayed it into an astronomical fortune, but at the price of alienating his father. Father and son rarely spoke to each other until Petros was invited to his son's wedding. The following honeymoon was a timetrip to the 10th century which inadvertently carried Petros along with Goliath and Demona. In that time period, he saw his son give the request to deliver that coin to himself in the 20th century to the resident Illuminati member. Petros was offended by this casual chicanery and snubbed David by giving him only a penny for a wedding present telling him that he might as well pull that stunt again since that money seems to be all he values.

The father and son later reconciled when David battled Oberon when he was trying to abduct his son. Impressed by this show of fatherly concern, the pair reconciled with Petros satisfied that his son was changing for the better.

Voice: Morgen Sheppard

Jeffrey Robbins

Jeffrey Robbins

A blind Vietnam veteran and author who befriended Hudson. Robbins is teaching Hudson to read, and was the one who originally pushed him to learn.

Voice: Paul Winfield

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