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The Grimorum Arcanorum

The Grimorum Arcanorum - Table of Contents

Introduction: Ex "Gargoyles," Scientia
Chapter 1: "Demona - Villainess or Victim?" by Earl Allison
Chapter 2: "Sharing a Fanfic Universe" by Tara O'Shea
Chapter 3: "Halcyon Renard - A Repentant Sinner" by Thomas Forsyth
Chapter 4: "Adult Themes in Fanfic" by Christine Morgan
Chapter 5: "TGS - Heir to Gargoyles or Just Another Shared Universe?" by Sean Simpson
Chapter 6: "The Pumpkin and the Handgun - Elisa Maza and the Disney Heroine Tradition" by Constance Cochran
Chapter 7: "Curses and Prophecies, Fate and Free will" by Jurgan
Appendix A: "The Growth of Brooklyn" by Kenneth Chisholm
Appendix B: "A Guide to the Gargoyles Universe" by Todd Jensen