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Gargoyles Character Overview

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He is the leader of the gargoyles. Noble and intelligent though a bit naive and set in his ways. His sense of honor and loyalty are his greatest strengths. His physical strength and anger can be very impressive. He does not trust humans, but he thinks that an understanding between human and gargoyle can be reached.   He is very traditional and has had some difficulty adjusting to the modern world with his relationship with Elisa being only one of these challenges.

He was originally the mate of Demona, but that relationship was totally gone by the time the clan was revived in 1994. He could not accept that fact and made various attempts to sway her back to him. He only accepted it when an attempt to influence an earlier version of Demona during a time trip to the 10th century failed to change her. When she turned New York into stone by night, he resolved to kill her to end her menace, but was swayed by the Weird Sisters that life was too precious even to allow the murderous renegade to die at Macbeth's hand.

His feelings for Elisa Maza began simply as respect and an attachment to the first human in the modern world to treat them with respect and friendship. Eventually the relationship deepened over their various adventures until they came to realize that they were falling seriously in love with each other.

Keith David

Voice: Keith David



Oldest of the gargoyles, this one-eyed warrior is a voice of wisdom among his peers which serves him well as Goliath and Brooklyn's advisor. He is terribly fond of the pastime of television and interestingly, is the only clan member who regularly fights with a weapon, a sword in this case. His greatest shame is the fact that he can't read. However, with the help of a blind veteran, he is learning. He was captured by Xanatos for use in an immortality experiment. Using his resourcefulness, he escaped unharmed. Although it has never been said on-camera, according to the creators, Hudson is Broadway's biological father.

Ed Asner

Voice: Ed Asner



One of the trio of younger male gargoyles and the least human looking of the clan with a pronounced, but not unattractive, beaklike mouth. While he does not have the sheer physical strength and presence of Goliath, that is more than compensated by his keen calculating nature. He is much more a planner and usually tends to carefully consider his moves before acting when he has sufficient emotional distance to the opponent. As a result, he is capable of leading devastating assaults that leave his enemies reeling. When the situation requires it, he can also be quite subtle and patient in his methods, making him a superb leader in most situations. Leather jackets and sunglasses suit him well. He is young and impetuous with a strong sarcastic wit, but a fine warrior.

He was appointed second in command in Upgrade. When Goliath disappeared to Avalon, Brooklyn was initially reluctant to assume his duties, but later proved to be an excellent leader.

In contrast to his successful career, his love life has been a source of constant frustration. First, he tried to help and woo Maggie Reed, a human who was genetically mutated into a crude gargoyle approximation against her will by Anton Sevarius. She rejected him forcefully, siding with Derek Maza/Talon. Yet he was gallant enough to come to her aid when she begged to him to help her confront Fang.

Later he competed with the trio for the hand of Angela, until she put an end to that insulting rivalry. When she chose Broadway, Brooklyn was heartbroken and is having difficulty accepting it.

Finally, while all of the Manhattan clan consider Demona their enemy, it is Brooklyn who truly hates the insane renegade. This stems from how she took advantage of his naivety to persuade him to betray the clan and steal the Grimorum so she could enslave Goliath. Brooklyn managed to rescue Goliath and defeat Demona, but the shame of being manipulated so scarred him. This experience, along with the knowledge that she is responsible for more gargoyle deaths than any individual human, has made him Demona's bitterest enemy amongst the gargoyles. This often makes him instantly attack Demona on sight and he loses the emotional distance needed to concoct his strategies.

Jeff Bennett

Voice: Jeff Bennett



The smallest of the Gargoyles and the only one whose wing construction is web based like a flying squirrel. He is also the most technically proficient and he clearly enjoys the modern period more than anyone else with its abundance of high technology.

However, social interaction is tougher for him and that got him into trouble when he approached his TV idols, the Pack. When he arranged a meeting, he unwittingly walked into an ambush where he and Goliath were the quarry for a bout of sport hunting by the Pack. The pair escaped, but Lex felt profoundly betrayed and still bears a personal grudge with most of the members of the disbanded group.

Lex has proven to be closest to Alexander Xanatos out of all the clan. It is that love for the boy that allowed him to come to some reconciliation with Fox, who was the leader of the Pack.

In the Future Tense illusion Puck used on Goliath, the most frightening element was that the root of that nightmare scene was that it was the future Lex's doing. So there is that threat that Lexington could become a murderous megalomaniac in the future. It's a disturbing portent that could fundamentally change his relationship with the clan when they learn of it.

Thom Adcox-Hernandez

Voice: Thom Adcox-Hernandez



He loves to eat, and it shows. A true gourmet, he believes in experiencing every conceivable form of culinary delight which he enjoys as the clan's cook. His somewhat pudgy exterior hides a fierce and intelligent warrior underneath, however. He, like Hudson, was also illiterate, but the idea of being to able to vicariously experience the past through reading later enthralled him and he set out to learn the skill.

Ever since he accidentally shot Elisa, he has had a intense scorn for guns and habitually destroys any he gets his hands on at convenient times. Despite that stupid accident, Broadway and Elisa have no hard feelings and have worked together on her cases occasionally. During these excursions, Broadway has shown to have some real talent in detective work and logical deduction, even if his skills are based on movies and TV shows. It's a skill that proved vital in the investigation of the Silver Falcon case for instance.

By the end of the canon series, not only has he become quite literate, but also has developed a taste for poetry.

When Angela arrived in New York, he competed with the other kids for her favor. Although she soon objected to this insulting behavior, Broadway's sensitive nature allowed him to prevent offending her as much as the others inadvertently did. Angela recognized this courtesy and chose him to be her lover and future mate.

Bill Fagerbakke

Voice: Bill Fagerbakke



Goliath and Demona's daughter. Angela was raised by Katharine, Tom and the Magus in Avalon, with the rest of her rookery brothers and sisters. After the Archmage was defeated, Angela returned with Goliath to Manhattan. Angela is very clever and intelligent. In that, she is more like her mother than anyone would care to admit. She nicely compliments Goliath's naivety.

When she settled in New York, she became the object of rivalry amongst the younger trio. This continued until she lost her patience and demanded they stop treating her like a prize to win.

At the end of the canon episodes, she has chosen Broadway due to his sensitive nature. As for her mother, she still has some love for her, but it is coupled with the knowledge that she is never to be trusted. This could lead to some friction with Brooklyn when she realizes his intense hatred for Demona.

Bridgitte Bako

Voice: Bridgitte Bako



The clan's pet gargoyle beast. He is very loyal and loving toward his masters, but cunning and quite fierce when roused. Lack of wings make him less mobile than the others.

“Voice”: Frank Welker

Elisa Maza

Elisa Maza

The police detective who is the gargoyles' first true modern human friend. She shows them the world of 20th Century Manhattan, and they help her out with the occasional thug. She was accidentally shot by Broadway (cf. Deadly Force) and now keeps her gun locked up.

This incident also saddled her with a partner named Matt Bluestone. By nature a loner, this change in her job irked her and it took weeks to adjust to his continual present with her. At first Elisa also took pains to hide the clan's existence and her connection to them from him. However, when Matt confronted her with the knowledge he gained from a senior Illuminati member, she introduced him to them. Now the pair work smoothly together as they do their job while still looking out for the clan's welfare.

Her loyalty to the Gargoyles goes much deeper than owing Goliath her life. By the end of the series, she realizes that she truly loves the Gargoyle. However, the implications of that still have to be worked out between her and the Gargoyle.

Salli Richardson

Voice: Salli Richardson

Matt Bluestone

Matt Bluestone

Elisa's police partner. Capt. Chavez assigned the two together after Elisa recovered from her gunshot wound. He is a conspiracy fanatic, and believes all of the paranormal stories such as UFO's, secret societies, etc. He used to work for the FBI and worked on uncovering the Illuminati, a secret society, in his spare time. That lead to an obsessive search that got him fired from the bureau.

Matt's Illuminati quest finally panned out when he found Mace Malone, a 100-year old gangster who was surprisingly fit. Mace offered Matt membership in the league for his persistence, but he had to pass a test first. After Matt was told about the clan and Elisa's connection to them as an act of good faith on their part, he was told to deliver Goliath to Mace. Matt confronted Elisa with that info and finally got Elisa to share the gargoyles with him, and he and Goliath conspired together to foil Mace's plan. As a result of his ingenuity, Matt was granted membership in the Illuminati. His exact motives are still unclear.

Now with the Gargoyles exposed, he has been assigned to head a taskforce assigned the task to capture the clan. He walks a precarious tightrope as he tries to protect the clan without causing suspicion as to his team's lack of effectiveness.

Voice: Thomas Wilson

David Xanatos

David Xanatos

The businessman who is responsible for breaking the spell that the gargoyles were under for a thousand years. A tremendous case of megalomania pervaded his actions. He used to quest for power at any cost. Xanatos found his true love and only weakness in Fox, whom he married. The honeymoon was spent in the tenth century, where Xanatos was revealed to be a member of the Illuminati Society (though apparently only a low-ranking member). He mailed a tenth century coin to himself in 1975, and from that, he built his fortune. However, that came at the cost of alienating his father who was offended by David's machiavellian ruthlessness. Xanatos also seems to fear death. His genetics research and other intellectual pursuits tended to focus on prolonging his life.

Even when he was a clear enemy to the clan, David was a unique villain. He never bore a grudge against his enemies and often saw the bright side of any failure he experienced. However, he was still capable of despicable acts as when he arranged to have various homeless people and Derek Maza's genetic structures altered against their will in order to have a gargoyle like goon squad at his disposal.

The Xanatoses recently had a child named Alexander, a fact of interest not only to the social columns, but the Lord of Avalon as well. At the persuasion of Titania, Oberon attempted to abduct the child to Avalon. The Xanatoses resisted the attack with the help of Goliath and his clan. For their part in protecting his child, David considered himself owing a massive debt to the Manhattan clan. The incident also allowed him to reconcile with his father who was impressed by David's fierce effort to protect his son.

His efforts at repayment were twofold. The first was the removal of the conflicting personalities in Coldstone into separate bodies. The second was to allow the clan access to the castle after the clock tower was destroyed by the Hunters as a sign that their differences have been settled.

How this change of heart will affect his future plans is unknown.

Jonathan Frakes

Voice: Jonathan Frakes

Puck / Owen Burnett

Owen Burnett
Owen Burnett

One of Oberon's Children. He is the mystical being who is featured in the Shakespearean play, A Midsummer Night's Dream. He exists nowadays mainly as the human Owen Burnett, personal assistant to David Xanatos. Unlike the exuberant trickster, Owen is extremely straightlaced and understated in all his actions with his emotions under almost Vulcan like control..

In the twentieth Century, he was intrigued by Titania's attraction to a human, Halcyon Renard. Wondering what interacting with a human on a equal basis would be like, he decided to try his own hand at passing himself as a mortal. With the idea of a trickster playing the straight man, he modeled himself after Preston Vogel, Renard's assistant and the stiffest and most uptight personality he knew and created Owen. In order to get the full experience, Owen was designed to have no magical abilities beyond the ability to change back into Puck. Thus he intentionally made himself vulnerable to all risks that a typical human would have to face. This includes being affected by Demona's spell to turn all humans into stone by night.

He worked for Cyberbiotics until he grew bored with the Renards and joined David Xanatos. At a later time, when he learned about Xanatos' interest in magic, he revealed himself to the billionaire and presented him with a choice; a wish or a lifetime of service as Owen. Xanatos chose the latter and Puck was so impressed by this foregoing of immediate pleasures that he decided to live up to his end of the deal. To this end, the deal was that Owen would confine his services as a mortal, with no magic being used.

During this arrangement, he cooperated fully with Xanatos' wishes while providing the necessary mortal aid in order to further his boss' plans. This included the eventual revival of Goliath's clan and the later attempt to murder them. All the while, Owen gave unquestioning obedience. This extended so far as to when Hudson escaped from Xanatos' test of the Cauldron of Life. Owen volunteered himself without hesitation. As a result, he now sports a stone left hand from the forearm down and Puck has refused to restore it because it would have ruined the experience of playing mortal to have such an easy solution.

At one point, he was caught off guard by Demona as she summoned him as Puck through Titania's mirror and bound him in iron chains to force him to serve her. However, the combination of Puck continually taking advantage of Demona's poorly worded wishes, and the victory of the Manhattan clan over her despite Puck's help, convinced her that Puck was not worth the effort to control.

Just prior to the return of Oberon to Avalon, the imp attempted to gain possession of the Phoenix Gate in order to persuade Oberon to exempt him from the Gathering. To do this, he made Goliath experience an hallucination of a nightmare futuristic dystopia of Manhattan and his clan, using a mixture of fiction and true future events. This was intended to trick Goliath with the idea that this horror had to be prevented by giving the Gate to any of the characters in the illusion which were all disguised forms of Puck, since he is prohibited from simply taking it himself. Goliath eventually saw through the deception and Puck had to abandon the scheme, especially after Goliath made the Gate do a blind time jump to prevent others from using it.

When Oberon agreed to abduct Alexander Xanatos, Puck aided in the battle. This involved the past preparations of specific defenses against Fay assaults and finally as Puck himself. At the conclusion of the battle, Oberon agreed to desist, but not before punishing Puck for defying his monarch. Oberon stripped him of the use of his magic except in the education or defense of Alexander. That proviso was in allowance of Puck's agreement to tutor Alexander in the use of his mystic power potential. Fortunately for Puck, this restriction seems to allow him to interpret educating Alex rather broadly. Thus he is capable of using his powers as long as Alexander is present and involved in some manner. Otherwise, Puck is permanently in the form of Owen and is barred from Avalon indefinitely.

Voice: Brent Spiner / Jeff Bennett

Janine "Fox" Xanatos

Fox Xanatos

Former leader of The Pack. Compared to her family, she is a wildcat with a sense of ethics that, before the birth of her son, could be charitably described as flexible. She can be impulsive and forceful in her demeanor, but she is capable of remorse and is trying to make peace with her former Gargoyle enemies.

She was the brains of the Pack, but landed in prison with the others. She did not escape when the opportunity presented itself, and thereby earned an early parole. Xanatos staged everything for her parole so they could be together. The two of them are now married, having had an interesting engagement, as Fox was transformed into a werewolf by the Eye of Odin, Xanatos' wedding gift. An even more interesting honeymoon was had in the tenth century thanks to the Phoenix Gate.

Fox is the daughter of Halcyon Renard, owner of Cyberbiotics. She attempted to destroy his second air fortress and take over his company "for the fun of it." During that time, she became pregnant with a son whom the couple would name Alexander.

On the night of her son's introduction to his extended family, her mother revealed herself to be Titania, Wife of Oberon. Titania persuaded Oberon to abduct Fox's son so his mystical potential would not be wasted as it was with Fox.

The resulting struggle provided the necessary stress Titania was looking for in order for Fox to tap her potential of a half child of Oberon. With this display, Fox was allowed to keep her child with Puck as tutor.

Laura San Giacomo

Voice: Laura San Giacomo

Alexander Fox Xanatos

Alexander Xanatos

The son of David and Fox Xanatos.

With his mother being the child of the Queen of Avalon, he possesses a tremendous potential mystical power which Puck has been commanded to develop. Furthermore, since Puck's power can only be used in the education or protection of him, whatever Puck wants to do with his power must directly involve Alexander in some fashion.

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