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Gargoyles Character Overview

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Friends Abroad

Dingo/Henry Monmouth.


Former Australian member of The Pack. Just as much brawn, but more common sense and brains than Wolf.

When the Pack was offered the chance to improve their abilities, Dingo spurned the permanent alterations the others chose in favor of power armor. He became alienated from the others because of their mutilations and eventually quit the Pack. Taking an assignment in Australia from Fox, Dingo was engaging in a Walkabout (a meditative journey) to make a fresh start to abandon his criminal past when he encountered Goliath, Elisa and Bronx. After an initial punch-up, they cooperated to stop the spread of a nanotechnological life form, known as the Matrix. Dingo was vital in this endeavor when he interested the life form in exploring law and order with him. To this end, the Matrix united with his armor to create a symbiotic relationship with Dingo. Together, they are Australia's resident superhero and, having made peace with Goliath, an ally to the clan.

Voice: Jim Cummings



An English Gargoyle, a subset of the species who apparently have animal-like appearances. Believed to have been wiped out by the humans, Griff's community still existed with himself and his clan posing as humans maintaining a curiosity store with the personnel in elaborate costumes. As his name suggests, he resembles a humanoid griffin and has a liking for leather apparel. His manner is lighthearted with an easygoing wit that others find charmingly disarming, but is coupled with a streak of moral certainty that makes him determined to see his goals to a proper end.

During the Battle of Britain in World War II, Griff insisted on becoming involved in the fighting knowing that they would suffer certain extermination or worse at the hands of the Nazis if they prevailed. The others refused, but the appearance of Goliath, there with the aid of the Phoenix Gate, offered to accompany him. In the course of the battle, Goliath saved him from a probable death by sending him into the 1990's in order to convince the others (who thought Griff fell in the battle because of Goliath) to release Elisa, Angela and Bronx who were being held as hostages. With the reunion of the English Clan, they agreed to patrol London in the proper Gargoyle manner.

Later, Griff encountered an intruder entering an old church. This intruder proved to be King Arthur, who was searching for the stone that originally held the sword that made him king. It offered a clue to the location of Excalibur, Arthur's later magic sword. A combination of the stone's power and a summoning spell of Macbeth's in New York sent the pair to that American city. There the pair, with the help of the Manhattan Gargoyle clan under Brooklyn's command, struggled for the sword with Arthur being the victor.

With that matter settled, Arthur knighted Griff and together they are on a search for Merlin (with a quick long distance call to his clan to explain his absence). What progress they have made in this, is unknown at present.

Voice: Neil Dickson



Security Chief of New Olympus. He is a minotaur and a descendent of the legendary one who was killed by Theseus. Diplomacy is not his strong point, but he endeavors to be fair in his work and is ready to reconsider his opinions if the facts disprove them.

With his family history, he had little sympathy for humans and considered them a threat to his community's well being. That prompted him to instantly arrest Elisa when she appeared on the shores of the city when she was sent there by the Mists of Avalon along with the others. On the other hand, he was the only New Olympian who did anything to protect Elisa from a bigoted lynch mob, even if his solution was to jail her. That sense of fairness was rewarded when Elisa helped him stop the murderous shapeshifter Proteus in his attempt to destroy the city while escaping.

Voice: Michael Dorn

Vinnie Gregarino

Vinnie Gregarino

Vinnie is a professional security guard with a very strange streak of luck. He has had a long series of encounters with the Gargoyles, mostly by accident. He seems whiny and weak willed, but he has a strong conscience and is capable of serious obsessions that seems to threaten him more than any of his opponents.

The first incident occurred with Lexington when he was admiring the motorcycle Vinnie was riding. Upon seeing Lex, he panicked, fell off his bike and fled on foot. Lex accidently destroyed the bike and Vinnie was charged for the damage. Obviously, the presiding judge did not believe his story and stripped Vinnie of his license thinking he was drunk at the time.

The next encounter was on the Cyberbiotics airship where Vinnie was a guard. Upon confronting Goliath, he fainted dead away and barely escaped the ship when crashed in the river. That event temporarily cost him his job which turned permanent when the second ship was equipment with fully automated controls and security, thus rendering him redundant.

The third incident happened when he was working for Gen-U-Tech as a parking lot guard and Goliath kidnapped Dr. Sevarius literally behind his back. He was subsequently fired for that lack of attention.

Finally he had enough and planned his revenge. He had a customized gun prepared and stalked the first gargoyle he found, which turned out to be Goliath. Unfortunately, he found himself worse for wear for the effort considering the battle Goliath and Hudson were having with Wolf and the spirit of Hakon. However, he finally drew a clear bead on Goliath and fired. He left satisfied with the Banana cream pie he fired splattering on Goliath's face.

Later, after the Gargoyles were exposed with the destruction of the clock tower, he was quoted on television about his experience. This got him recruited as a member of the Quarrymen.. He later lost his enthusiasm after he was offered a security job in Japan, but he was still pressured to follow the leader, John Castaway, as they chased Goliath and Elisa. This lack of enthusiasm helped his conscience move him to rebel against the Quarrymen when Goliath was cornered. This allowed Goliath to defeat the Quarrymen leader and force him to retreat. He left the gargoyle's company on better terms although Goliath still couldn't remember meeting him before.

As of now, he is now on his way to Japan. Given his propensity for meeting gargoyles, it will only be a matter of time before he encounters the Japanese clan.

Voice: Jeff Bennet

King Arthur Pendragon

The legendary "Once and Future King of England". For the full backstory prior to Avalon read "Le Morte d'Arthur", or watch the film "Excalibur" At the end of that story, he was laid to rest in Avalon to be reawakened when he was needed. He has all the skills and experience of a warrior king of his time, but he still has to adjust to this century and the weight of the tremendous reputation that accompanies him constantly.

During the Archmage's and Weird Sisters' attack on Avalon, Elisa revived Arthur to bolster their defense. Arthur agreed to help and thus he faced off mainly against Macbeth, whom he defeated. After the battle, Arthur decided to explore this new time on his own.

He arrived in a London he barely recognized and broke into an Abbey when Griff spotted him. After a quiet confrontation, Arthur learned from the Stone of Kings (the same stone from which he pulled the sword to become King) that he must seek out his second magic sword, Excalibur, if he was to be truly King again. Both the King and the Gargoyle were drawn to New York both by the stone and a spell by Macbeth.

In New York, Arthur contacted the Lady of the Lake, the Child of Oberon who gave him the sword in the earlier time. She gave him the challenge to find the mystical sword to become King again. To achieve this, he raced against Macbeth, who wanted the sword as well. In the struggle, it was Arthur who found the true sword, thus securing his birthright.

Now he is on a quest to find Merlin again, accompanied by Griff as his knight. Seeing as how Merlin's father was an Incubus (thus probably a Child of Oberon), we could be seeing Arthur at the Gathering.

Voice: John Saint Ryan

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