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Gargoyles Character Overview

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10th Century and Avalon Acquaintances

Princess Katharine

Daughter of Prince Malcolm, niece of King Kenneth. Due the admonitions to behave or "the Gargoyles will get you" as a child, she developed a hatred that festered into a spiteful bigotry against the Gargoyles. She presided over the castle and its inhabitants in the 10th Century and verbally abused the resident clan continually. This attitude changed when the castle was sacked and the clan was destroyed thanks to the Captain of the Guard and Demona's treason. She and her people were rescued by the remaining Gargoyles, but she was horrified to see the Clan repaid by being cursed into stone which could only be broken by fulfilling an impossible condition.

Shamed by this horrible treatment of her protectors, she agreed to care for the Gargoyle eggs as compensation for her ill will. She devoted her whole being into that task, eventually fleeing to Avalon when the eggs were threatened by Constantine. When the eggs hatched, she became their mother, with Tom by her side as their father and her lover.

Voice: Kath Soucie
Voice (8 years old): Anndi McAfee


Tom as a boy
Tom as a boy
Tom, guardian of the eggs
Tom, the guardian

A young boy who befriended the gargoyles before they were destroyed in 994.

When the gargoyle eggs were moved from Castle Wyvern, he was dubbed Guardian of the eggs, a role he maintained into his, and the hatchlings', adulthood on Avalon. He typically wears a suit of armor with the visor molded to resemble Goliath's face. Among his duties was to return to the outside world every hundred years in this world (Avalon time progresses as 1/24 the rate of the real world) to see if other Gargoyles have been revived. This took on a urgent tone when he made his most recent excursion in order to find allies to oppose the Archmage. With the defeat of the Archmage, he elected to stay on Avalon and care for the Gargoyles remaining. He eventually fell in love with Katharine, and currently lives as her husband.

Voice (adult): Gerrit Graham
Voice (child): J.D. Daniels


One of the leading male gargoyles of the Avalon clan and possibly the direct son of Coldstone. He is among the permanent residents who got heaviest into the fighting whether it be the Archmage or Oberon during his challenge. He is also very close to Angela, which means he might not take the idea that Angela chose Broadway as her mate very well.

Voice: Ruben Santiago-Hudson


A godlike being whose children make up the third race of Earth. Apparently, he scattered the race from Avalon in 993 to teach them humility, leaving Avalon abandoned. He is imperious and has a penchant for using brute force to achieve his goals.

In 1996, he returned to Avalon to see the island inhabited by Humans and Gargoyles. He was about to either force them off or kill them when Titania, his former wife, challenged him to hunt them with the prize being her hand in marriage again. After a long chase, he succeeded in subduing them, but was defeated by the humans ringing an iron bell, which is the one material to which Oberon's kin were vulnerable. When the intruders spared him, he was sufficiently impressed by this to allow them to stay and made the Gargoyles his honor guard.

During the Gathering of his children to Avalon, he went to New York to collect Puck who failed to heed the summons. It was there he learned of Titania's life as Anastasia Renard and of the potential of the newborn, Alexander Xanatos. Titania talked him into taking the child to Avalon, but faced ferocious resistance by the Xanatoses, the Manhattan Gargoyle clan, Halcyon Renard and finally Puck himself.

When Fox used her previously untapped mystical power to defend her child, it helped convince Oberon that Alexander could stay with the parents without affecting his potential. Thus he agreed to back off and return to Avalon, but not before exiling Puck as punishment for his defiance.

Voice: Terrence Mann


Queen of Avalon and wife of Oberon. It was her divorce from Oberon because of her previous contempt for mortals that caused him to scatter his various children from the island of Avalon among the Earth to learn humility. She is cryptic in her manner and is highly manipulative of others, although it usually is done for a good cause.

Titania herself decided to learn about science and technology posing as a human named Anastasia. She eventually fell for a budding technocrat, Halcyon Renard, and married him. Eventually, she grew bored with him and left, but not before a daughter, Janine or "Fox", was born.

Mother and daughter kept in touch and worked on joint projects on occasion. One in particular was in the development of nanotechnology in Australia which went out of control and threatened to envelop the world. This threat was stopped only with the aid of Goliath, Elisa, Angela and Bronx who were sent by Avalon to meet this threat.

Titania returned the favor when she provided vital clues to how to defeat Oberon when he returned to reclaim Avalon and expel the trespassers.

During the Gathering, Titania talked Oberon into attempting to abduct the child of the Xanatoses in order to nurture his mystic potential. It was revealed that Titannia manipulated this to create a situation where either she has the child in the magic nurturing environment of Avalon, or create a high-stress situation with Oberon's assault that it would bring Fox's underdeveloped mystical power to the surface thus showing that Alexander can be adequately trained in the mortal realm. The latter proved to be the case and Titania left Alexander in the care of the Xanatoses and the tutelage of Puck, promising to check in from time to time.

It can be argued that Titania's ability to manipulate others psychologically to her ends, especially Oberon, combined with the usual powers makes her the most powerful of the Faire Folk.

Voice: Kate Mulgrew


Leader of the Vikings that destroyed the castle and most of the gargoyles in 994.

He was killed when Goliath confronted him and the Captain of the Guard about their crimes. He cowardly pinned the blame for the clan's death on the Captain who then attacked him for the lie. They fell into a gorge to their deaths.

Their spirits were held in the Archmage's cave where, after a thousand years, they conspired to steal the life-force of Goliath to get resurrected. The Captain eventually rebelled and saved Goliath, which earned him inner peace and trapped Hakon in the cave alone.

Hakon later returned as the ego of a magic battle-axe wielded by Wolf, his direct descendent. The two attacked Hudson and Goliath and, between Wolf's strength and skill and Hakon's spectral powers, proved to be a formidable force. Hakon was finally defeated when his axe was destroyed in a car crusher. Losing his link to the living world, his spirit crossed over to where it is not likely he will escape again.

Voice: Clancy Brown


A scottish noble who was born in a lower class than the royal family and was never satisfied with it.

He changed that by assassinating the King and taking the crown for himself. After winning the struggle against the Crown Prince's supporters, he arranged to have Princess Katherine marry him, threatening to destroy the gargoyle eggs she cared for if she refused. To avoid this, Katherine, The Magus, Tom (who witnessed Constantine's crime) and his mother fled to Avalon with the help of Finella.

Voice: Ian Buchanan

The Magus

Advisor to Princess Katharine. The Magus has spellcasting ability, but is apparently only a novice. He shared the princess' loathing for the species and reinforced hers whenever possible. He consigned the gargoyles to their thousand year slumber due to a combination of a misunderstanding and his bigotry against the clan. When he learned of his terrible mistake, he felt that he had committed an offense that he could never compensate for since the counterspell was lost. All he could do at that time was agree to Goliath's request to commit de facto suicide by casting his spell on him as well.

After his curse, he followed Katharine to her uncle's castle and later was instrumental in helping her flee to Avalon while incurring the enmity of the Weird Sisters whom he drove from the island. In order for him to enter Avalon and remain with Katharine, Tom and the eggs, he had to surrender the Grimorum, his only source of magic. During the years on the island, he slowly was alienated from Katharine and Tom and spent most of this time alone.

He died fighting the Weird Sisters as they strove with the Archmage to eliminate the Gargoyles and humans from Avalon.

Voice: Jeff Bennett

Prince Malcolm

Lord of Castle Wyvern in the 10th Century. He trusted the gargoyles as friends and defenders, but seems to have taken them for granted.

Voice: Roger Rees

Captain of the Guard

Head of Security at Castle Wyvern in the 10th Century. Unlike many humans, he identified strongly with the Gargoyles and sought to aid their interests. He conspired with the Vikings to overrun the castle because of human bigotry against the Gargoyles, but did try to stop them from destroying the gargoyles.

In Goliath's, Elisa, Angela and Bronx's first post Avalon visit, they encountered the Captain's ghost in the Archmage's Cave along with the spirit of Hakon. The Captain and Hakon initially conspired to disorient Goliath then steal his life force in order to resurrect hemselves. The Captain eventually had a change of heart and helped Goliath to defeat and escape Hakon, thus achieving the peace he was denied for a millennium.

Voice: Ed Gilbert


The Archmage

Powerful spellcaster that was banished from Castle Wyvern in 984. He held a very strong grudge against Prince Malcolm. Demona was his apprentice before he was banished.

In retaliation, he stole the Grimorium and poisoned Prince Malcolm. Hudson, Goliath and Demona pursued him to his cave where the book was retrieved and the Archmage fell into a crevice. In Avalon, it was revealed that the Archmage was saved from his fatal fall by a future version of himself. That Archmage then proceeded to recruit the Weird Sisters and told them to recruit Demona and Macbeth who in turn retrieved the Eye of Odin, the Phoenix Gate and the Grimorum. The first Archmage donned the Eye to increase his power level, consumed the Grimorum to incorporate its energy and used the Gate to set all these events into motion.

He was defeated by Goliath when he took the Eye from the Archmage which made him lose control of the Grimorum's power and was consumed by it.

Voice: David Warner


True love of Macbeth. She was his queen in the 10th Century.

Voice: Emma Samms

The Weird Sisters

The Weird Sisters

A trio of enchantresses that linked Macbeth and Demona and made them immortal. They follow the pair throughout the centuries to use them in their attempt to retake Avalon, after they were banished by the Magus.

It was later revealed that shortly after their defeat by the Magus in 994, they were helped by the Archmage who asked them to help him conquer Avalon. To that end, they gave immortality to Macbeth and Demona in order to make them powerful pawns.

Following the Archmage's defeat on Avalon, the trio agreed to release the immortal pair. They later reappeared with Oberon as he began the Gathering and wasted no time attempting to persuade the Fay Lord to expel the human and gargoyle squatters.

When Oberon was defeated by the settlers and agreed to let them stay, that apparently settled the issue with the trio.

Voice: Kath Soucie


A lady of the Scottish royal court, who was courted by King Kenneth but preferred Constantine, a lower class noble.

She had no welcome for Princess Katherine when she arrived from the destroyed Castle Wyvern and saw her as a competitor in the court. She planned to marry Constantine and agreed with his suggestion that they meet privately with the King so to break it to him gently. That meeting turned out to be a trap arranged by Constantine to assassinate the King and usurp the throne. Horrified by her unwitting part in this outrage, she helped Princess Katharine, the Magus, Tom and his mother escape to Avalon with the gargoyle eggs. When the Magus was forced to relinquish the Grimorium to enter the island, Finella offered to take the book in order to keep Constantine from seizing it and invading Avalon with its knowledge.

Voice: Sheena Easton

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