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Gargoyles Character Overview

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Incidental Characters

Captain Maria Chavez

Maria Chavez

Commander of Elisa's precinct. A by-the-book cop who is very loyal to those underneath her.

Voice: Rachel Ticotin

Officer Morgan

An officer in Maza's precinct.

Voice: Keith David

Travis Marshall

Television news reporter who has covered several stories on the gargoyles.

Voice: Charles Hallahan

Doctor Sato

Doctor who saved Elisa's life when she was shot.

Voice: Robert Ito

Margot Yale and Brendan

Margot Yale
Margot Yale

A yuppie couple who share the extraordinary fate with Vinnie Gregarino to continually run into the Manhattan clan in various episodes. To the clan, Margot is the greater concern concerning that she is the Assistant District Attorney for the city. While she is no Quarryman, she also has no sympathy towards Gargoyles and refuses to believe that these creatures are anything more than dangerous animals. Fortunately, that attitude does not extend as far as treating Castaway's militia as anything but criminals if members are duly charged with a crime. However, if she ever learns of Maza and Bluestone's sympathies, that could put them and the clan in grave danger.

Margot: Marina Sirtis, Tress MacNeille
Brendan: Jeff Bennett

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