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Gargoyles Merchandise

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Gargoyles Merchandise


Colorform's Gargoyles Play Set

You always take a gamble whenever you buy Colorforms because you don't know what's in the box. They don't show you exactly what you are going to get. Well, if you like Gargoyles take the gamble and remember: you can always return it. There are only four bad guys in the box: Xanatos, Demona, and two soliders. But, there are six good guys. Hmmmmm....who do you think will win? Also, there is only one sticker per person. Some other Colorforms give you differant stickers that have differant positions but are of the same characters. One good thing about this play set is that the Gargoyles' stickers glow-in-the-dark. Instead of just having white around the charactors, there is glow-in-the-dark. But, unless you like to play with colorforms in a dark room, it's just an added feature you don't need.

Gargoyles Applause Dolls

These are the big 12-inch vinyl dollies that for some reason don't like to make public appearences. They have movable arms and legs. There are Broadway, Brooklyn, Lexington, Goliath, and Demona, but unfortunatly, she is the one with the WiErD dye job. (Her hair is BLACK, not RED)

Review by MeekosGirl

Gargoyles Applause Figurines

Standing at about 3 inches, these are plastic likenesses of our fave heroes/villans. They stand on their own.

Review by MeekosGirl

Gargoyles Board Game

This game is simple in concept, but sometimes hard in execusion if you play with a ruthless person. The game play is fast and a game averages around 15 minutes to play (for me anyway). Now a days though, the game is out dated what with Xanatos being a good guy. But, it's still fun to push Xanatos off the top of the tower. Also, it's only 5 bucks at Kay-Bee! (for those of you who are not good at math, that is a very good deal)

Battery Powered Book Light

The only Gargoyleish on this whole thing is the small plastic Goliath stuck to the base of this light. The light itself is quite useful for trips in a car at night. (It's so awkward to hold a flashlight between your shoulder and your neck and hold a book with both hands but I mastered it. Though, every time I used that method, I had a sore neck afterward. This book light is much easier than that) This book light is one of the best non-action figure Gargoyles stuff. If you find it, think about buying it.

Gargoyles Boxers

Yes, now you can sleep safely knowing Goliath & Co. will protect your drawers when you buy Gargoyles boxers. The only problem is they come in boy's sizes...the largest I could find was a 10-12. Great if ya wanna start working on brainwashing the next generation!!

Review by MeekosGirl

Gargoyles Cake Decorations

Why? Because it's your birthday and you'll do what you want to!! Three different Gargoyles birthday cake toppers.

  1. A four inch candle of Goliath standing, eyes a-glow.
  2. A four inch candle of the Gargoyles logo. (ie. Goliath in front of the full moon)
  3. Candle those little flowers that you stick the candle in to hold it upright? About an inch high, these little plastic do-bobs feature facial shots of Goliath, Lex, Broadway and Brooklyn. Make a wish!!

Review by MeekosGirl

Gargoyles Clip-Ons

The only difference between these and the key-chains is that instead of a key-ring, there is a metal spring-clip. Small, rubber, and on a black backround, they come in Brooklyn, Broadway, Lexington and Goliath.

Review by MeekosGirl

Gargoyles Clippity Clock

This little guy is a plastic digital watich of Golaith perching on a stone parapet. Not only does he stand up on his own, but he can be clipped onto various items, and there's also a little magnet on the back, so you can stick him on your refrigerator, locker, HECK, even your kid's braces! Well worth buying.

Review by MeekosGirl

Gargoyles Danglers

Similar to the key chains, only these guys are 3- dimensional. They come in a small box and have what looks to be a metal rod coming out of the tops of their heads, and attached to that is a metal loop. They could also stand on their own if you aren't keen to them flying about your head. They come in Brooklyn, Broadway, Goliath & Lexington.

Review by MeekosGirl

Gargoyles Exploding Pops

Cool Creations has done it again: created something to eat, and slapped a cartoon's logo on it that has nothing to do with the popcycle, and called it so-so's popcycles. And ya know, gulible guys like me go and buy the stuff. The popcycles have nothing to do with Gargoyles, but they are darn good. If you really wanna shell out extra money to play the Gargoyles crossword puzzle on the back of the box, instead of buying a no logo creap popcycle, go ahead.

Gargoyles Flavored Winged Warrior Lip Balm

Yes, It's true......I bought lip balm just because it had Goliath on it. I only have seen this one place and chances are it's pretty darn hard to find now-a-days. The Goliath top is as big as the lip balm itself and looks cooler than some of the action figures. Unfortunatly, he isn't posable. Oh, and the lip balm works good too.

Gargoyles Hats

A basic boy's black baseball cap crested with the Gargoyles logo. The full moon behind Goliath glows in the dark!! Boy, that mom must have FREAKED when I chased her through the store to find out where her son had found that "neat" hat...

Review by MeekosGirl

Gargoyles Key Chains

Small, rubber key chains of the main characters on a black backround. So far I have found Goliath, Lex, Broadway and Brooklyn, but have yet to see Hudson or Demona.

Review by MeekosGirl

Gargoyles Profile Mugs

Who wouldn't want a mug of their fave Garg to sip hot chocolate out of on a cold winter's day? They're plastic, dishwasher-safe, and while they may look a little strange, they've got the mug shots (Ouch! Bad pun!) of Goliath, Brooklyn, Broadway, and Lexington.

Review by MeekosGirl

Gargoyles Shirts

The only ones to turn up in my area have been two black tee's: One has a mural of Goliath dangling off a falcon Gargoyle (reminiscent of "The Sliver Falcon") , with a small Gargoyles logo on the back. The second has a Gargoyles logo in the front, then printed in the back in purple "THE NIGHT WILL NEVER BE THE SAME."

Review by MeekosGirl

Gargoyles Stamper Pad

I had to search up, down, around and inside out to find it, but I did!! Two inches in length, one-inch in width, this little rubber stamper proudly dislays the Gargoyles logo (Goliath behind a full moon with the Gargoyles title underneath). You can use this little bugger to stamp just about anything you own to show that you're a TRUE clannie.....just be sure NOT to stamp Aunt Edna...we don't wanna think about what would happen. This product is made by Rubber Stampede.

Review by MeekosGirl

Gargoyles Stickers

These come in four packs of differently arranged removable stickers, labeled series 1, 2 , 3 and 4. Two of the packs are plain background featuring close-ups of the major characters , such as Demona, Lex, Goliath, Brooklyn, Broadway, Hudson, Elisa, and Xanatos. The other two have holographic backgounds and feature the characters in action poses. Produced by Mello Smello Designs.

Review by MeekosGirl

Gargoyles: The Video Game


New Video Game Targets Core Game Audience With Breathtaking 3D Animation and In-Your-Face Gameplay

"Live a thousand years of adventure..."

BURBANK, Calif.-- On October 31, 1995, Buena Vista Games introduces Gargoyles: The Video Game ,an edgy, animated action-adventure game that redefines the standard for gaming. Featuring stunning animation, 3D robot enemies and special aerial combat moves, Gargoyles: The Video Game lets players control Goliath, a massive one-man army in an adventure that spans a thousand years.

Gargoyles: The Video Game begins when a noble race of gargoyle warriors defends its castle home against a relentless force of attacking Vikings armed with the Eye of Odin, an artifact powerful enough to destroy the world. The adventure continues a thousand years later when castle and the leader of the Gargoyles, Goliath, have been transported to the rooftop of a Manhattan skyscraper. It is here in the unfamiliar world of present-day Manhattan that Goliath must struggle against a powerful force of hi-tech enemy robots to find and forever destroy the Eye of Odin.

Gargoyles is a 24 MEG game on 6 levels with 18 stages of breakthrough battle moves and aerial combat thar empowers players with the bare-handed, stone-crushing strength of Goliath. As Goliath, Players have the ability to climb on walls and ceilings, glide masterfully on air currents and engage in mid-air combat with their enemies. Mastery of Goliath's unique multi-directional attack moves is required in order to prevail and save the world from evil.<

Gargoyles: The Video Game is inspired by Buena Vista Television's hit animated series, Gargoyles. The TV show premiered in October 1994 as a weekly series and is currently slated to be expanded to strip in September 1995.

Gargoyles: The Video Game will be available at a variety of retail outlets, including mass merchant and specialty stores. Prices will vary at retail.

Buena Vista Interactive/Disney Interactive, a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, is a developer, publisher and licenser of interactive family entertainment software. The company is the worldwide distributor of its entertainment, edutainment and educational Products.

Thanks to Shogo Iwai for coding and submitting this article.

Gargoyles' View-Master Slides

One of the greatest inventions is the Veiw-Master. And one of the greatest shows is Gargoyles. So, it was inevitable that these two super powers should come together! (ok, ok....I'll stop the melodrama) Anyway, all the pictures on the slides are new so, that's a plus. The scene where the Gargoyles fight the Vikings is awesome. So is the scene where Demona rips the power cord out of the control panel. (in case you haven't guessed, these slides show Awakenings 1-5) If you got yourself a View-Master I'd recamend this as a great addition to your collection.

The Goliath Costume

Yes, now you can forceably dress your toddler up as YOUR favorite character for All Hallow's Eve- Goliath! This little disguise includes:

Lots of fun for every trick-or-treater!!

Review by MeekosGirl

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