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Gargoyles Merchandise

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Gargoyles Merchandise

Action Figures/Vehicles/Playsets

Battle Goliath

This version of Goliath is probobly the best looking of all the Goliaths Kenner's made. The armor is great looking and fits very well. The wing armor alone is neat to look at. I found a couple of problems though. First, Goliath never uses any type of armor in any time period on the show. Plus, it's gold armor. Gold is a soft metal. Lead or iron would be a much better choice. If he wore this in 994 AD those Vikings would get thought that pretty easily. Also, what good is any type of armor going to do for in nowadays? Bullets and lasers would go right though it. But, this is not a real man, er...Gargoyle, and he looks very cool in the armor so I recommend this figure to buy.


Broadway has a pretty original power. He's able to throw a weapon that is a cross between a mace and an axe. While it doesn't go to far, he looks pretty cool while doing it. The figure, itself, could look better though. He has a small hunchback and his wings seem to be out too much. But, if you want a Broadway this one is definitely better than Stone Camo Broadway.


Of all the Gargoyles, Bronx gets the least amount of time on the air. So, Kenner desided to be nice to the poor dog and gave him wings. (No pun intended) No, not wings like Goliath or Lex. Wings made of metal. Kenner did the same to Elisa Maza. (They must think everyone in New York can fly) Bronx also comes with a sword that he can't hold, but Golaith can. Kind of a nice touch. The best thing about this toy is, however, his overall body look. His face his twisted into a sneer, his feet have VERY big claws and his muscles are teased. Once again, hats off to Kenner for bringing a cartoon to life. Also, if you don't like Gargoyles you can always buy Bronx and make him play with some Ghostbuster toys.


What were they thinking? Can anyone explain to me why Brooklyn has no neck? And why do his horns move? I mean, has he moved his horns anytime turning the series? Sheesh. On the Rippin' Rider Cycle he doesn't look half bad though. So, I'm keeping him on his bike. If you get him, I suggest the same. (Doesn't his mouth movement remind you of Crow from Mystery Science Theater 3000 or is it just me?)

Claw Climber Goliath

While there is no reason for Goliath to need the rope (after all, what good are real claws?) it is designed much better than a few Batman figures who had the same thing. This rope wraps up nicely and probably won't knot up if you are careful. Goliath, himself, has kinda small wings and a stupid look on his face. (not as bad as Stone Armor Goliath but still pretty bad) Also, his belt buckle borderlines on chessy. All in all, this toy is not a very good Goliath.


I'm not sure but I think Kenner stopped making this toy. For the life of me I don't know why. After all, Xanatos and the Steel Clan are now on the Gargoyles' side, so that leaves only MacBeth and Demona as enemys made into toys. And now, if Demona is gone that only leaves MacBeth. They don't even have Pack toys out! But, on to the toy. Demona's stungun is sometimes hard for her to hold onto and the bullet is easy to be bent. Without the gun, Demona looks her best and while they could have made her weapon better, her body is just fine. If you find her, buy her, because if they stopped making her, she's be hard to find.

Elisa Maza

Elisa trades in her classic red coat and jeans for a real police uniform. A real police uniform, with some very big wings. Of all of the toys, Elisa packs the most fire power. She has two guns and a rocket launcer of some kind. Heck, even the Steel Clan Robot only had two guns! Some of the details on this figure are not as good as the details on others. Elisa's face doesn't look too much like her face on the show. I guess Kenner thought a regular Elisa wouldn't sell as well as one that could fly. Personally, I would of rather had her with just her regular red coat and jeans and only packing one gun. All in all, she's not the best toy but, not the worst.

Gargoyles Castle Playset

The Gargoyles Castle Playset can now be found at Kay-Bees across the US for only $19.99 or FAO Scwarz for $70. Wonder which one you'll pick. :)

This is a fun toy. You can leave it closed and display your Gargoyles action figures on it or open it up and play with the many traps the castle is equipped with. My favorite is the dungeon. Most figures will fit inside of the dungeon and the door is shut by pulling a gargolye head on the outside. The gate at the castle's main entrance can be triggered to slam down on evil villains. There is also a rotating secret entrance in the back of the castle that is controlled by another gargoyle head. On the outside of the castle there is a section of blocks that can swing out to knock over the bad guys. This is triggered by a lever inside the castle. A gargoyle-shaped missile can be fired from a gun on top of the castle. As you can see this thing is loaded with stuff to play with.

The coolest thing about the castle is the mural painted (actually it's a sticker you apply) on the trap door. It shows various scenes from the cartoon.

I recommend it, especially if you can get it for $19.99. If nothing else it's a great display piece to accompany the figures.

Review by: Matt Parks

Hard-Wired Broadway

His wings look awesome, his power is new, and they made a new mold just for him! But, what were they thinking? In what episode did Broadway turn himself into a cheap Coldstone rip-off? Besides the lack of community, Hard-Wired Broadway is better than his two predisesors. But, open his fingers all the way up and find that Broadway took a few tips from Hyena about where to up a laser beam.

Hard-Wired Coldstone

I got giddy as I picked up the package with Coldstone in it. He is the second best take off from the show (the first being the Steel Clan Robot). His hidden shooting missile is very original and fits great with him. His chest charactor thingy is kinda corny and only really works with the episode Legion, but at least it's something new and differant. But, I've noticed that is left arm seems to be in a He-Man action figure kind of pose. You know, knuckles tense, arm flexed, and huge mucles. Maybe it's just me. Anyway, if you see it, buy it.

Hard-Wired Goliath

I ask you: ARE THERE NOT ENOUGH GOLIATHS THAT THEY HAD TO GO AND MAKE ANOTHER ONE THAT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE SHOW?????? His wings are an old idea and these work no where near was well as Power Wing Goliath. His body looks kinda neat but still, it's Goliath. He's had enough action figures. Let's see some more Hudsons and Brooklyns......then we'll talk.


In order to really get anything out of Hudson's power you need to pick him up. But, if you pick him up you can't really play with him. (unless he's fighting someone in mid-air) But, his body matches prefectly with the TV show and his sword is almost exact. Though his head is a bit big and his wings a bit small, Kenner did a good job on him. (They even did a good job on his left eye) So, if you want the six Gargoyles, put Hudson near the top of your list to buy.

Icestorm Brooklyn

Though he was nothing to do with the show, Icestorm Brooklyn is very cool. (No pun intended) He looks much better than the regular Brooklyn that used to be made. Everything about this figure is neat looking. From his ice wings to his snowy skin, he is the most impressive to look at. (I love that frozen belt buckle, nice touch) If you're looking for something a little different, try this guy out.

Mighty Roar Goliath

This is the best looking Goliath. Or at least, I think so. Even without him roaring he has a comanding presance. Kenner caught his rage quite well in this toy. His roar could be better, but at least it goes well the expression on his face. When his eyes and mouth light up, for some reason, he doesn't look as cool, but that little downside doesn't destory the whole thing. Definitely, this is the best Goliath out.

Miotaur Goliath

This toy is definitly strange looking and one wonders why he is even in the Gargoyles' line of toys.....until you take off the armor. Underneath is Goliath. It kinda makes you wonder why he was dressed as a minotaur. I mean, that has nothing to do with the show. Well, who cares? When the armor is on you can hardly tell that there's anyone inside. (Much better than the Stone Armor Goliath) I really like it that you can make the armor into a villian all by itself. This is the first action figure of any toy line that I have ever heard of that has done this. Something I noticed though, was that this Goliath's body, arms, and legs are just like those of Stone Armor Goliath. But, they changed his head (thank God) and his wings. So, if you have money burning a hole in your pocket, check out this guy. He's a pretty good choice.

Night Striker Action Vehicle

This is a very cool idea. It looks great and it fits in your hand well. The claws on the bottom of it are perfect for getting the bad guys, the rocket could use a little work. It doesn't go very far. A good thing about it though, is that it can hold two people on it: Goliath and Lexington. Stone Armor Goliath is shown on the back of the box flying in it but, Battle Goliath will fit. I was unable to make Power Wing Goliath fit though. From what I can tell, only Lex can fit in the back.

Power Wing Goliath

Though this Goliath costs more than some other ones he's worth it. This is the Goliath that probably flew around Scotland back in the 900 hundreds. He has the sword, the armor, and the menicing stare. But, the best thing about this guy is his wings. When they are hooked behind his back, they still are intimidating. And when they open up they are huge. They are a little too huge. There is no way the Goliath could wrap this wings around his sholders and then not trip on them when he walked. Besides that, this is one of the better toys.

Quick Strike Goliath

This Goliath is 100% like the show. He has no armor of any kind, and even his wings are the right size. The only thing wrong is that his eyes are glowing red not white. Kenner made his skin feel like strange. I'm not sure if they wanted it to feel like stone or what. But, it adds a nice effect. Though I'm not sure why they called him Quick Strike Goliath, he is one of the better ones. (it's weird how sometimes, simpler is better)

Rippin' Rider Cycle

This is the motorcycle that Brooklyn used in Temptation. It looks just like the one from the show. But, they've added stone camo so it can hide. I have no idea why they thought this was a good thing to put on the bike. It looks much better without it. (thank goodness you can take it on and off) The rocket luncher underneath it is great and makes the bike a whole lot more dangerous. If you see this bike, get it. I think they stopped making it too so, you'd better try and get your hands on it if you want it.

Steel Clan Robot

The people at Kenner did a good job of bringing this character from the show to the toy. It's features look 100% like the show. They even gave it an arm-gun. It dosen't fire but it shows they pay attention to detail. He comes with an other gun with you can put in either hand. The best part of it is the fact that if you push the button on it's back it will explode. This is not a new power in action figure history. The Scorpion Alien from the Aliens toy line has the same power. Now there's an idea. Gargoyles vs. Aliens. I'd buy it. I'll give the Steel Clan Robot a 8 out of 10.

Stone Armor Goliath

If you look at the back of any Gargoyles action figure you'll see Stone Armor Goliath with all the stones on his body in their perfect place. Get Stone Armor Goliath and you'll see that the three breakaway "stone" plates do not fit together on his body. His chest has is suprisingly "fleshy" where two plates don't fit. If you take the plates off......well lets just say Goliath's face has looked better. The weapon that he comes with looks good but he can't swing it like Hudson can. All in all there are better Goliaths out there. I'd get this one last if I were you.

Stone Camo Lexington

This figure is just Lexington with a new paint job. But, on the plus side, at least Kenner is making him. They stopped making Lexington a while ago, I believe. Also, his crossbow shoots impressivly far. Much farther than the crossbow that comes with the Castle playset. I mean, that thing only goes 6 inches. This crossbow can shoot across the room. (well, maybe a small room)

Strike Hammer MacBeth

This toy goes agaist the whole point of MacBeth! In "Enter MacBeth" he said: "I'd not stoop so low as to attack you while you slept," yet this toy comes with a "pounding stone blaster weapon". Plus, the size of the weapon is bigger than MacBeth himself! There is no way in the world he could even attempt to lift that thing! Though the knife on his left arm is a cool feature, it's not good enough to save this toy. If I were you, I'd buy some other Gargoyles toys first, and then get this one.


Why can't every Gargoyles toy be as good as this one? Xanatos comes with the Gargoyles Armor he has been wearing since "The Edge". I only have two complants agaist this toy. 1: The armor is green, not red. 2: The armor's face looks kinda funky. Besides that, this guy is one of the best. (There is a series two out of the Gargoyles toy line. They remade the Xanatos figure and now he DOES have red armor. If you want this toy, buy that one.) Without his armor, Xanatos still looks cool. The ponytail is a great touch. If you only have enough money for one Gargoyles toy and you see this one, get it.

Xanatos XI-44 Roadster

The Xanatos Roadster is popping up at Kay-Bee stores across the US for only $6.99. For this low prive you get a cool car and an exclusive Xanatos figure.

Xanatos is wearing black all over except for a purple jacket and gray belt with gold buckle. The head is the same as all other Xanatos figures, he still has the ponytail and that cool scowl reminiscent of the Hover Jet Batman figure. He looks best sitting in the Roadster with his head turned to the side.

The Roadster is a bright red color and comes with only 4 stickers, 2 to place on the sides of the car and 2 for the license plates. It has a working missle launcher in the front and a movable canopy that reveals rocket thrusters for "quick getaway." The drawback is that to see the rocket thrusters, you have to move the canopy forward which covers up Xanatos (and bumps his head in the process).

If your local Kay-Bee doesn't have the Roadster ask them to call another Kay-Bee and maybe they'll ship one to your Kay-Bee. Some Kay-Bee employees will go to the trouble to get one for you. This is a must-have for Gargoyles collectors, it's cheap, fun to play with, and looks great when displayed.

Review by: Matt Parks

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