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Gargoyles Character Overview

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Magic and Technology in the World of the Gargoyles


In the world of the Gargoyles, magic most definitely exists in it. It is treated as a form of energy that can be manipulated in a large variety of ways.

There is mortal magic that humans and Gargoyles can use, but it must usually be performed with a conduit to allow the mage to channel the energy without harm and must be spoken in latin for at least the Western variety. It might be that the different language is needed to focus the thoughts of the caster and maintain proper control. Other styles of magic like circle magic, voodoo and others could have different limitations and advantages. Extremely powerful mages like the Archmage with the Eye of Odin can use one-word commands for their magic which could indicate a more internal mental control and without an obvious focus. So one way of measuring the power of a magic user could be to see just how much external supports the mage in question needs, ranging from the young Magus in 994 who needed to directly hold a conduit and read out a spell to do magic to the Eye of Odin Archmage with the aforementioned abilities.

Children of Oberon, on the other hand, can manipulate magic by themselves and usually speak in the vernacular. Oberon and Titania, the Lord and Lady of Avalon on the other hand only need their mental will to use their powers except for really major spells as in when Oberon rendered almost all of New York City unconscious by saying only "Sleep!".

Magic Items of Note

Eye of Odin

The Eye Of Odin

A eye shaped amulet that has the power of granting or amplifying powers to whoever wears the item. It is also useful as a regulator that allows powerful mages to control massive amounts of magical energy safely.

However, the item also exaggerates the negative aspects of the personality of the wearer to the point where they become dangerous. The examples shown in the series were Fox becoming a powerful but violently animalistic werewolf, the Archmage becoming a megalomanical conqueror and Goliath becoming a supergargoyle with a tyrannical control freak personality. Yet, this was intended as the eye's chief purpose is to expose the wearer's dark side and enlighten him/her of what they are capable of.

The eye was eventually returned to Odin, the Norse god and Child of Oberon. He is the only being who can bear the eye without its corrupting influence.

Phoenix Gate

The Phoenix Gate

A small shield shaped plate that enables a wielder to travel through time when a certain spell is said. However, changing history is difficult as the time flow tends to correct itself and resists attempts to alter it. Even when it succeeds, it creates a causal paradox that makes it difficult to see whether there was any change in time at all. Piloting the gate requires a sapient mind to control it and apparently there is no location in any time that the gate cannot send someone.

The gate has been used by Demona, the Archmage and Goliath for their purposes and Puck made an attempt to get it from him. To prevent the misuse of it, Goliath activated it and threw it into a blind time jump making it next to impossible to find or retrieve it.

Grimorium Arcanorum

The Grimorum Arcanorum

A powerful spellbook that was used by the Archmage, the Magus and Demona. It also contains herbal medicines and other practical information as well. Aside from the spells it contains, it also serves as a conduit for a human or gargoyle mage to comfortably control large amounts of magic without paying a physical cost for that energy. The spells contained in it included spells for shooting lightning, turning beings into stone and enslaving the will of a person to the holder of the spell.

The book was eventually stolen by the Weird Sisters who gave it to the Archmage who then literally ate it to incorporate the power into himself. To prevent a dangerous feedback, the Eye of Odin was used to manage the energy safely. This proved to be the Archmage's undoing as when Goliath took the Eye from him, the energy from the book overwhelmed him and consumed him. Thus the book is lost to anyone else, although there other smaller spellbooks like the one Una, the English Gargoyle, owns.

Sun Amulet

A sun shaped Mayan amulet that is linked to four crystals. Apparently, it was created by a Mayan mage to ensure that a pyramid would be guarded constantly. To the Guatemalan gargoyle clan, these crystals allow them to function during the day with seemingly no loss of energy or healing. This allows them to be at peak performance constantly as long as they are in physical contact with the crystals. The only weakness is that if the Amulet is destroyed, the crystals would lose their power.

To defeat the clan, Hyena attempted precisely that, only to be stopped by Lexington and Broadway. The amulet is now in Broadway's possession to prevent any harm coming to it. He might have lost it when the Hunters destroyed the tower, but that is unclear.

Cauldron of Life

A magical iron cauldron that makes anyone who bathes in it "live as long as the mountains". Unfortunately this is done by transmuting any flesh in the prepared liquid contained inside instantly to stone.

This item was acquired by David Xanatos who thought it could give him immortality. He planned to test it on Hudson, but the old gargoyle escaped and Owen volunteered his hand instead. Upon learning the nature of the Cauldron's magic, he obviously decided not to try it himself, but felt it still had a use. So, he melted it down and incorporated the metal into Coyote 4.0's construction. This enabled the robot to be able to resist magic, a useful property when it was used to capture the Child of Oberon called Coyote. The Fay escaped and helped destroy the machine, but it is possible that Xanatos could salvage it for at least the metal.

Titania's Mirror

A large wardrobe-sized mirror which has the ability to have anyone skilled in magic being able to see anyone in a kind of clairvoyance. To the children of Oberon, it also acts as a portal that enables them to travel to any destination that the mirror is displaying at that time. Spells can also be sent through it to affect anyone facing it. Demona used it also as a way of pulling Puck to her while Puck used it to carry his spell to turn the Manhattan clan human from a remote location. It is not known if there is more than one Mirror as Demona apparently smashed it when she discovered that Puck turned her human by day, but there is a fully intact mirror on Avalon in Oberon's possession.



In addition to the presence of magic, the world of the Gargoyles also has a more advanced technological level than our world. The level varies from time period to time period, but there are definite markers to note.


For one thing, in 994 Castle Wyvern is a major stone built fortress obviously built with construction techniques and defence doctrines that didn't appear in Northern Europe for 3 centuries after the first Crusaders encountered the Islamic forts. Even before that, King Arthur who is circa around 500 AD wears partial plate armour that didn't appear until around the 1400's. It is possible that Merlin, a half-Child of Oberon, had a profound impact in introducing new technology. On the other hand since his sword, Excalibur, is a gift from the Lady of the Lake, a full Child of Oberon; perhaps all these anachronistic technologies are due to Fay intervention on Arthur's behalf. It is also possible that Merlin could suggest some natural extensions of Roman engineering into some spectacular innovations in fortifications.


In the modern world of the late 20th century, the tech level is of the typical superhero variety. That is, there are samples of futuristically advanced technologies that only an extremely few select individuals have access to, as in experimental prototypes.

Biologically Oriented Sciences

These technologies include full cloning and other massive genetic engineering capablities that can perform radical physical transformations in a matter of months, sometimes in hours. There also been spectacular advances in prosthetic technology that allow for full blown bionic implants with all the enhancements suggested in that. That means there have been dramatic advances in the knowledge of the nervous system to allow for ease of control and immunology to prevent any possibility of bionic rejection.

Computer and Robotics Technology

It is in computer technology that most amazing advances have been made. The computers made in that world can range from the semi-automous Cy-Bots by Cyberbiotics and the Steel Clan by Xanatos Enterprises that can perform a set of prearranged commands and can be redirected by simple voice input to limited artificial intelligence that can successfully impersonate an actual human down to the specific mannerisms like Coyote 1.0 demonstrates. However, the by far most advanced thing in this field is the Matrix created by XE in Australia. It is a full artificially intelligent mass of microscopic robots that can act, reproduce and work collectively to do an incredible amount of things. Foretunately, they are now being taught ethical behavior by Dingo and hopefully he can keep them occupied or have them sufficiently educated to avoid making trouble.


While the majority of vehicles are the standard varieties we see around us, there are numerous examples of more advanced varieties such as the heavy high altitude hovercrafts owned by Macbeth and the Hunters that have at least the some of the speed and maneuverability of a helicopter while being quieter. This apparently makes them perfect for stealth as these vehicles have been flying through the city and not attracting any attention. There is a smaller variant called a Flitter also owned by the aforementioned people that serves as the equivalent of an motorcycle for the air.

Weapons Tech

Weapons technology has also made some remarkable improvements. The most obvious of which is the recent development of powerful hand held energy projector guns that fire particle beams with a low power laser working in conjunction for targeting. Unfortunately for the public, a shipment of these prototype weapons was stolen by Anthony Dracon and at least over two dozen have been sold on the streets, which means not only could they be used in crimes, but they could also be reverse engineered and reproduced. Thus there is that threat of criminals having relatively easy access to small arms that could penetrate tank armour in one shot.

In addition, other people like Macbeth prefer Lightning Throwers, which are guns that fire an arc of electricity at a target. These have the advantage of adjustable settings to stun or kill as desired. Xanatos Enterprises has also developed a weapon that attacks a target's sense of balance producing radical perception distortions and total loss of agility, thus making it a good weapon for clean subduing of a target.

Finally, the Hunters and Xanatos also have access to power armor when heavy combat is anticipated. These suits possess heavy weapons and are capable of autonomous flight when required.

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