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Gargoyles Character Overview

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Dominique Destine
Dominique Destine

At one time she was Goliath's mate. However, she was instrumental in the betrayal and subsequent destruction of the gargoyles in 994. She is just as evil in the 20th century. Her hatred for humankind is a part of a long nurtured insanity. She now lives as an outcast from the other gargoyles, and is constantly plotting the downfall of humanity. She has no sense of humor except in taunting her foes and she blindly refuses to accept any responsibility for any of the consequences of her actions, possessing only an arrogant self-righteousness about her obsession. This especially applies to the fact that she is directly responsible for more Gargoyle deaths than any individual human. Her sole positive trait is that she does care for her daughter, Angela, though if her daughter continues to oppose her, her sentiments could change.

Demona survived the massacre at the castle by hiding on the rocks below the castle during the day. Finding her clan destroyed, she fled, rather than face Goliath. She returned later, to find him under the Magus' stone spell. Over the next several years she survived with a few other gargoyles that she found, constantly plagued by the Hunter whom she inadvertently created and eventually built an alliance with Macbeth. They were bonded for all eternity by the Weird Sisters. Each would feel the other's pain, and while one lived, both lived. The alliance stood for nearly forty years, until she feared Macbeth would betray her. As a result of her vengeful nature, her clan was destroyed again. She spent the next 900 years alone and dodging succeeding generations of Hunters.

In the late twentieth century, Demona established an alliance with David Xanatos that convinced the billionaire to purchase Castle Wyvern in order to transport it to New York and mount it on the top of his building in order to revive Demona's clan. To do this, Demona probably promised to make him immortal if this colossal favor was done. Demona in return participated in Xanatos' test of the clan's loyalty to him by later reintroducing herself to the clan and pressuring it to perform the raids on three Cyberbiotics installations as Xanatos requested. When it became obvious that the clan would hardly participate in Demona's vendetta or cooperate in Xanatos' plots, they agreed to kill the clan using the Steel Clan robots as a test run. The clan defeated the robots and Demona had to attack them directly. Thus the clan learned of Demona's past treachery and present insanity and turned against her.

After learning about Goliath's closeness to the human, Elisa Maza, she has harbored an especially vicious hatred for that human. To her, the thought of Goliath preferring the company of the "enemy species" over herself confounded and repelled her. In response to that, Demona tried to personally kill Elisa more than once, easing off only when she met Thailog.

Tired of all her plots failing, she summoned Puck, one of the Children of Oberon, from a magic mirror. The mischief-making elf did not perform as she had intended, but in parting, cast a spell upon her that renders her gargoyle by night and human by day. She eventually adopted the identity Dominique Destine for the form and learned to operate in human society openly.

The alliance between Demona and Xanatos ended when Demona tricked Xanatos into broadcasting a spell on television that would turn all human viewers into stone by night. Xanatos conceded that Demona would not grant him immortality and began to oppose her when necessary.

She and Macbeth were used by the Weird Sisters to try to take back Avalon. They failed and the pair were sent from Avalon with no memory of their time under the control of the Sisters.

After being freed from Weird Sister's spell, she ended up in France where she used her human form to trick Macbeth in order to marry him to get his wealth. At the same time, she started a relationship with Thailog who secretly planned to double-cross and murder her when she married. When the plot failed, she refused to believe Thaliog's treachery and remained with him.

Later Demona set up a corporation with Thailog called Nightstone Unlimited to provide cover for their operations. One of them was luring the Gargoyles to them in order to extract DNA samples. These were used by Anton Sevarius to construct clones who are more primitive copies of most of the Manhattan clan. With them, the pair planned to subdue the originals and eliminate them. Demona rebelled against this when Thailog wanted to kill Angela as well. This break was reinforced when Thailog revealed that he created a servile mate for himself named Delilah, a fusion of the genetic structures of Demona and Elisa.

In the resulting conflict, the pair were last seen in this incident fighting on a burning roller coaster as it collapsed, where presumably Thailog perished. Demona then took sole possession of Nightstone and prepared for her grandest scheme.

She prepared a unique microbe that, with help of genetic engineering and magic, would wipe out humanity on the planet. This was foiled with the interference of the Manhattan clan and the current generation of the Hunters.

At last sighting, Demona is still on the loose with one of the Hunters, Jon Canmore, now John Castaway, still in obsessive pursuit.

Marina Sirtis

Voice: Marina Sirtis

Jon Canmore/John Castaway

John Castaway

The leader of the Quarrymen, commissioned by the Illuminati. He is insanely fanatical in his quest to exterminate all gargoyles and is willing to kill any number of humans along the way if it will further his plans.

He was originally the last of the Hunters and one of the more reasonable ones who thought that blindly killing all gargoyles was being excessive. That attitude changed when he thought his brother Jason died battling them. He then swore to exterminate the species for vengeance and received a great shock when his brother reappeared when he was fighting the clan and told him to stop. A misunderstanding caused him to fire on Goliath only to have Jason take the shot instead. The moral violation overwhelmed him and he lost his mind and fled. Later, as he prepared to rescue his siblings from custody, an Illuminati representative appeared to offer him the job of the Leadership of the Quarrymen. He accepted and now he is a greater continual threat than before.

Voice: Scott Cleverdon

Dr. Anton Sevarius

A brilliant geneticist who created the mutagenic compound that transformed Derek Maza into Talon. He faked his death, but was still under the employ of Xanatos. Sevarius also created Thailog, a clone of Goliath. His ethics closely mirror the Nazi scientist Dr. Mengala in that he is completely unscrupulous in his methods and will do anything to further his research, regardless of who suffers. This includes genetically altering people against their will and murder.

He apparently died in Scotland when Goliath, Elisa, Angela and Bronx interfered with his plot to exploit the Loch Ness Monster.

Sevarius did survive and is working as a resident genetic engineer for Nightstone Unlimited which was owned by Thailog and Demona. Under their employ, he created Malibu, Burbank, Hollywood and Brentwood, clones of Brooklyn, Hudson, Broadway and Lexington, respectively. Additionally, he created Delilah, a genetic hybrid of Elisa and Demona. Later, he created the carrier virus that Demona nearly used to wipe out humanity. How he expected to survive this process was not made evident.

Voice: Tim Curry



A clone of Goliath created by Gen-U-Tech. His skin color is darker than Goliath's, his hair is white and his eyes glow with the feminine red colour. He was trained by Xanatos and Dr. Sevarius to see the world through Xanatos' eyes, in essence becoming the moral opposite of Goliath. He was taught a bit too well, as he betrayed Xanatos and stole $20 million. After faking his own death, he is now free in New York to make use of his stolen fortune. He is profoundly greedy, unrepentantly treacherous and seeks to totally dominate those under him.

He began a relationship with Demona who allowed him to cooperate with her scheme to trick Macbeth into marrying her. He also planned to double-cross her by having the pair fight and kill each other so he could incorporate Macbeth's and Demona's money with his own. However, the smitten Demona remained with him despite this betrayal.

In his last plot, he had Demona let herself be captured so they could secretly collect genetic material from the Manhattan clan so they could construct primitive clones of them. They then captured the clan with plans of killing them, including Angela. When Demona objected to killing her daughter, Thailog introduced her to Delilah, a servile genetic hybrid of the genetic material of Demona and Elisa who was intended to be a literal replacement of Demona.

In the resulting confrontation, Demona fought Thailog until they were struggling on a roller coaster that was burning around them. The structure collapsed and while it was obvious that Demona, being immortal, would survive, the fate of Thailog is unknown.

Keith David

Voice: Keith David

Anthony Dracon

Anthony Dracon

NYC crime boss who controlled a large portion of the crime syndicate in New York at least prior to the revival of the Manhattan clan. He is a direct operator, often preferring to actively participate in his gang's operations. Despite the real risk he runs at getting caught, he always exudes a supremely confident and arrogant attitude in his untouchability, which often has to be forcefully disproved. He stole a shipment of particle-beam weapons from Xanatos Enterprises and sold several of them on the street. He recently tried to find a load of diamonds that his grandfather (Dominic Dracon) and another gangster (Mace Malone) stole in the 1930's. In both instances, the work of Elisa Maza and the Manhattan clan was instrumental getting him captured and arrested.

Thanks to the high-priced lawyers he keeps on retainer, Anthony was released from prison early, but was caught red-handed in his protection racket scheme thanks to Elisa Maza's undercover work. Presumably, he is now serving a much stiffer sentence. Despite that, he was still running his gang from prison with Glasses overseeing operations. That arrangement ended with the conclusion of a violent gang war with Tomas Brode which ended with a bold assassination attempt on him in prison. His life was saved by the gargoyles and now he shares that cell with Brode, which should preclude any further attempts to maintain mob control.

Voice: Richard Grieco


Dracon's right hand man. In charge of various administrative tasks, such as fencing stolen goods. At the end of the gang war with Tomas Brode, he was incarcerated with the bulk of both gangs in prison.

Voice: Rocky Carroll



Member of The Pack. He is a direct descendent of Hakon, the leader of the Vikings that destroyed most of Goliath's clan in 994. He is very strong, but lacks common sense and intellect. He lives to fight and lusts to defeat Goliath in hand to hand combat.

Later he allowed himself to be genetically altered into a humanoid wolf.

In his last appearance, he was revealed to be a descendent of Hakon, the Viking captain who destroyed Goliath's clan in 994. Together, Wolf and Hakon's ghost attacked Goliath and Hudson, until the one was captured and the other's link to the mortal plain, his axe, destroyed.

Voice: Clancy Brown



Slightly more brains and less brawn than Wolf and Dingo. A very quick and cunning adversary as the name implies. He is the brother of Hyena and has a close familial relationship with her. He can be very subtle in his methods as when he was hired to kill the gargoyle clan defending a rainforest slated for destruction. Learning about their magic crystals that keep them flesh in the day, he researched about related artifacts until he found a linked item to their crystals, then sent Hyena to destroy it to leave the clan vulnerable.

He accepted an offer to have various body parts replaced with Cybernetic implants. When the Pack disbanded, he and Hyena became mercenaries, working in various sites around the world, twice encountering Goliath's traveling group on their world tour. He was last seen in Guatemala, working for Cyberbiotics.

Voice: Matt Frewer



Known for her maniacal laugh. She and her brother, Jackal, are a deadly combination. She is impulsive and far more direct in her methods, preferring open combat to other options and lets her brother handle the planning parts of the job.

She accepted an offer of cybernetic surgery to augment her fighting ability, making her a cyborg with a massive amount of implants. She was last seen being arrested after the attempted theft of the Sun Amulet.

Cree Summer

Voice: Cree Summer



A member of the Mutates. Unlike the others, he enjoys his altered form and accepted it readily. He is devious and and the most verbose of the gang constantly harassing his friends and enemies with smart remarks and jokes.

When the Mutates rebelled against Xanatos, the group established themselves in the old Cyberbiotics underground lab and christened it the Labyrinth. While the others intended it as a haven for the homeless, Fang exploited the population to commit petty crimes for him using intimidation. He sank even lower when his henchmen discovered an advanced weapons cache and used it to seize control of the Labyrinth. He was eventually defeated with the help of the Manhattan Gargoyle clan under Brooklyn's command and imprisoned.

He was released by Demona when she escaped her own imprisonment there to serve as her and Thailog's goon. He was eventually recaptured and returned to his cell.

Voice: James Belushi

Tomas Brode

Thomas Brode

A Czech mobster who plagued the city of Prague continually in modern times. He is equally as arrogant in his line of work as Dracon, even though the police have been far closer to arresting him. He met his downfall when he accepted an a contract to acquire a golem from the Jewish Community for Halcyon Renard. Renard later returned the Golem to the rightful owners who then used it to fulfill its true purpose of eliminating threats like Brode.

Wishing to move to an easier market, Brode then attempted to take over the territory of Anthony Dracon in New York. This led to a violent gang war between the gangs that ended with the arrest of all parties involved thanks to a combination of Elisa Maza's undercover infiltration and the interference of the younger members of the resident Gargoyle clan. Now Brode shares a cell with Anthony Dracon and it is doubtful that they will cooperate well enough for either to be a threat again.

Voice: Clancy Brown

G.F. Benton/Dominic Dracon

Grandfather of Anthony Dracon. Dominic was a notorious gangster of the 30's, but recently spent his time masquerading as G.F. Benton, CPA. He was arrested along with his grandson for trying to recover a shipment of diamonds that he and Mace Malone stole in the 30's.

Voice: Darren McGavin

Mace Malone

Renowned gangster of the late 20's who is now one of the high ranking members of the Illuminate Society.

One of his main duties appears to have been interrogations, using a special building called the Hotel Cabal which uses a series of deathtraps to disorient a subject into lunacy and pliancy. However, Bluestone and Goliath managed to double-cross him and escape while Malone himself was trapped in the building. Whether the Illuminati was able (or willing) to rescue him in time is unknown.

Voice: Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.


Coyote 1.0

A series of robots that served both as the representative of Xanatos and personal aide to him. The first model was a lifelike android designed to impersonate Xanatos, the second was a more straight forward fighting robot and the third was a robot constructed with the metal of the Cauldron of Life which made the android immune to magic. They can all be identified by having the voice of Xanatos and his face with half of the skin covering torn off, exposing its metallic endoskull.

Voice: Jonathan Frakes

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