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...For It May Come True

Synopsis |  Review by Juan F. Lara



by Amanda "Demonalisa" Hudson

Goliath's Monologue: Unfulfilled yearnings live with in the most contented soul. What might have been, what might one day be if only things were different. So when life's struggles weigh heavy, there's the temptation to only see the happiness in other lives. But this is folly, for each life contains its own burdens though they may forever be hidden to all but the one who carries them.


As Goliath predicted, Castaway is at it again. To seek and destroy the gargoyles. Elisa is under cover as a quarryman and the clan follows.

"You were right, it's Castaway, he has enough ammunition to start a small war." says Elisa though her communicator. Goliath hears her then sighs. He starts to wonder if anything he has done, matters to the humans, and if he were to stop his deeds would they begin to notice. While this is going on Titania is closely watching. Elisa is hiding, watching the Quarrymen unload the huge cannons.

"Whoa" Elisa says to herself. Just then Castaway approaches behind her with two thugs next to him. " Do you like it? They are used against things that fly."

The two men seize Elisa by the arms and then soon attempts to escape punching the Quarrymen. They start to fire at her. "Goliath, I could use some help here." She shouts into the communicator. "I hear you, we're on our way." He glides off.

Running hard, Elisa tries to warn the gargoyles about the cannons but is knock down. Goliath is panicked now and tells his clan to hurry. Cannons are firing in the air, hitting buildings. Broadway and Lexington slam into each other and Broadway goes through a building wall, while Lex in falling toward the Ground . Brooklyn saves him in time. "Yes, Yes, we got them!" Shouts Castaway in excitement. "We must fall back!" shouts Hudson. But Goliath refuses, "No, they have Elisa!" Hudson and Goliath continue to maneuver their way past the flying cannon shells. Goliath is hit and is knocked into a building, barely hanging on. The sound of bells jingle and he awakes human...

Act I

"Wake up sleepy head its a beautiful morning." Says Elisa.

Goliath is confused, he jumps out of the bed walking on his new human feet. He looks into the mirror. His skin not lavender, but white flesh and short brown hair.

He runs to the window practically blinded by the sunlight. " Ahh, Sunlight, but I am awake. This is impossible."

"What did you say dear?' says Elisa from the kitchen.

Goliath glances down at is left hand seeing a gold wedding band.

"Are we married?" he asked.

"Last time I checked. You feeling O.K.?" she asked concerned.

"I am not feeling quite like myself."

Elisa pours him some juice for him. He chokes on it when he found out that not only was he married to Elisa, but he has a job and two children!

Elisa drove him to work. She now had a red colored family mini van.

(Writer's note: since none of us seem to know what Goliath's name is as he is human I am going to continue calling him Goliath.)

They kissed good bye and he entered the building. He goes to the emplyee listings, finding ut he is a director of company archives. " hmm, I'm a glorified librarian. For XANATOS!" He enters the main office, finding Owen there with the secretary. Goliath tries to explain what everything happened and where the gargoyles were, but Owen had no idea what he was talking about and pretented he knew nothing of the garoyles and was telling Goliath to go back to work or he would be escorted out of the building. He tells Owen he has to see Xanatos.

Xanatos watched the whole issue earlier from his office. He and Owen decide to take this to further investigation.

Act II

Back at home, Goliath is at the computer. He calls his children over.

"I want you to help me find out about Gargoyles."

Later his wife, (It felt good to say that :) came home.

Goliath tells her he is tring to find out about living gargoyles and it soon turns into an argument. He tells her that some are alive, some are real. He runs out of the house into the pouring rain. A groups of thugs approch him and he realizes he can't fight in a human body. One man is about to hit him with a whip and al of a sudden Brooklyn is at he scene hanging fromthe light post Brooklyn snatches the whip away. The rest of the clan arrives. The thugs ran away in terror.

"That way easy." Says Broadway. Goliath is happy to see the clan , to only see that they don't recognize him. "It's me, Goliath!"

"And you said our names were silly." Replied Broadway.

The clan turns him away. But Goliath doesn't give up. He tries to follow them jumping building to building till finally one of the edges of a building gives way and he then falls toward the alley. Brooklyn caught him and set him down on the ground. "Strange little human" then leaves.


Goliath finally regains concence and finds himself in the hospital with bandages on his face. Elisa and the children are there visiting. Elisa sents her children away so she can talk to their father. Goliath, finds out that Elisa knew about the Gargoyles all along. "I know anything that doesn't make the papers" says Elisa.

"I tried to explain." Goliath said quietly. "oh right, My husband isn't a man he's a hobgoblin."

The tension Continues, then Elisa heads to the door." I thought we were all you ever wanted." She opens the door and turns to him. " If you keep this up, you're gonna lose it all." Then walks out. At the 23rd Precinct, cops gathered round and listened to Captain Chavez. She was perparing them to destroy the gargoyles.

"Last night the gargoyles pulled off three more vishous assalts, including the spouse of our vary own dectective Maza. The mayor declared them a public menace." She explain the routes in which they should head out first. " Any voluenteers?" she finnished.

"Me." Said Elisa sharply.

Goliath Sits down, still frustrated. Unexpectedly Xanatos walks in. "I make my own visiting hours. I was told you wanted to see me." Goliath tells him the story of his him being transformed into a human from a gargoyle. "And you believe I can help." Xanatos said in a caring way." Well you were the one who brought us....I mean. Them here." He said still in a bit of pain from last night.

"I wish there was something I could do to help but honestly I don't know where to find them"

" When I was with the Gargoyles we had hiding places. I could find them for you."

" That would be most helpful." Said Xanatos with a sly look on his face.(Viewers everywhere know that Xanatos must not be sincere after all)

The sun was setting. The gargoyle clan slepped on the roof of a library. As the sun set the Trio and Hudson awoke.

Hudson drew his sword at the astonished Goliath Xanatos stood from a distance.

"You again,what do you want?" said the old one.

"Don't be afraid I just want to talk." Goliath paused. "say, where's Angela?"

"Angela?" answered Brooklyn in confusion. "And Bronx where's Bronx?" said Goliath. "How do you know of our Bronx?" said Hudson, still pointing the sword.

"Bronx was killed by Xanatos." Said Brooklyn. "What?" the human Goliath turned toward Xanatos. He admitted he was bored and snaped his fingers. Two men with guns and jet packs came from behind and shot a net at the gargoyle clan. They struggled to get free. Goliath felt a bit helpless. Then an NYPD helicoper with Elisa on board started firing as well at Xanatos's men and the gargoyles. A bullet hit the back of the helicopter and went down killing everyone, even Elisa. " Elisa." Goliath shouted who knew she was gone and wasn't a gargoyle to catch her. Xanatos lunged at Goliath, pinning him to the edge of the building. " You told your wife the cop didn't you? This is all your falt."

"NOOOO!" It was over, Goliath no longer was in the nightmare, but a cloudy place, that almost looked like he was standing in the sky. Then Titania appeared.

"Titania, what does this all mean ?" he asked.

"Do not be ungrateful. I just offered you a gift. A chance to explore your fondest Dreams." The conversation continued. " I aloud you to see the consequences of your yearnings. " There were unforeseen effects of your change. If you have never been a gargoyle, Xanatos might never have reformed. Elisa might become a gargoyle hunter, instead of an ally and true friend." (and so on)

"There was time when I held Elisa in my arms and felt the simple joy of belonging. But it wasn't real. Make me the gargoyle that I am." Said Goliath.

Titania grind and snapped her fingers and Goliath returned to his reality and he was a gargoyle again.


He climbed up the building and saw the trio carrying Lexington. Seeing them dodge the cannon bullets. " There's got to be a way to stop those guns!" he said. Goliath looked around and saw a radio antenna on a building next to the cannons. " But how can I..." he paused remembering that he had wings. He glided on ward dodging bullet shells he swoop near the antenna and balled up and swooshed right into the antenna knocking it on the cannons.

The run in overwhelmed him so he sat to rest. Elisa arrested Castaway and the clan glided to Goliath. " Goliath, say something." Said Broadway.

"hmm..." he was still trying to. "did I..."

"You trashed them" said Brooklyn. Him and Broadway gave a high five (or should I say.. High four!) knocking Lex down with stars around his head like he was a looneytoon character. They glided on home.


by Juan F. Lara

Another good episode, but one that I thought didn't use its premise to its fullest potential.

Once again "Gargoyles" featured an episode based on the "It's a Wonderful Life" format. (Was this episode a holiday special? :-) I had to admit that the first few scenes establishing Goliath's life as a human were inherently irrestible, the high point being the scene of Elisa dropping him off at work.

But the creators made a mistake in making Goliath's search for what happened to him the focus of this episode. I thought it was in character for Goliath to react with highly emotional protests and insistence that he was a gargoyle. But he still came off as pathetic in scenes like his run-in with the other Gargoyles. That particular scene was way too long, with Keith David overdoing Goliath's screams.

This episode didn't really get started until Act 3. That part finally featured the bad alternate scenarios about Xanatos and Elisa that were the main points of Titania's trick, and was highlighted by chilling moments like how Bronx's fate was revealed. The episode should've spent much more time on THESE plotpoints then on Goliath's ranting. I wanted to know how the timeline went in this alternate reality, and more explanation of Elisa's anti-gargoyle feelings. Instead, the episode waited until Act 2 to start its story and spent most of that act on Goliath chasing after the Gargoyles like a lunatic. Also, Goliath might've experienced that "peace with himself" at first if he hadn't been so obsessed with finding out what changed him.


This episode most resembled a "Batman" episode called "Perchance to Dream".

They changed the skin color of the human Goliath from "The Mirror", but I wasn't sure if they changed his design. In terms of facial features, I thought this version looked like a better conception of a human Goliath than the version in "The Mirror".

So what was Goliath's name as a human? No one ever mentioned him by name, and it was unclear what name he was pointing to in directory.

The good guys were already familiar with John Castaway in this episode. When did they first find out his identity? And did Castaway's arrest mean the end of the Quarreymen? I thought that "For It May Come True" might've been shown out of order.

Goliath: "Director of Company Archives"? I'm a glorified librarian.
[And what's wrong with being a librarian? ] :-)

Goliath: There's a place called "the Internet" where you can learn things.
[Cute...] :-)

Goliath: It's me! Goliath!
Broadway: You said OUR names were silly.

Goliath: The Xanatos I knew had given up such cruelty.
Xanatos: Foolish man.

"For It May Come True" was compelling to watch, but I thought that it could've been much better.

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