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Broadway Goes To Hollywood

Synopsis |  Review by Juan F. Lara




by Brian Dumlao


"The tempting siren's song of fame has shipwrecked countless humans on the jagged rocks of disillusion. The yearning to feel the eyes of the world upon you is buried deep in the hearts of creatures whose lives too often feel the dull cold drag of annonimity. Gargoyles are not immune to these emmotions or to their consequences."

Act I

As the monologue begins, there are several shots of Manhattan. The opening of "Awakenings" played in reverse. A spotlight flashed on various buildings. That same light flashed on a NY street. A nightclub with people going in and a limousine passes by. Finally, a water puddle with a reflection of some buildings. As the monologue ends, the same limousine from the earlier scene runs over the puddle. The limo goes through an angry mob shouting at the passing car. Inside the car is David Xanatos and wife Fox, commenting on their problems about going out on the town now that there are rumors about them. Rumors saying that Xanatos is somehow affiliated with the Gargoyles.

As Fox and David talk about their problems, the protesters have begun to attack the car, trying to tip it over to one side. David programs the limo defenses, telling Jackson, the limo driver, to get ready to step on the gas once the system activates. After pressing a few buttons, the limo sprays the protesters with jets of water, forcing them to let go of the vehicle. The limo then speeds off past the drenched people. Fox wishes that the public would accept the Gargoyles, but David feels that day is nowhere in sight. Fox then gets an idea. "Maybe all it needs is a little push" she comments.

Back at the castle, Broadway sits on a chair watching an old detective film. Dressed in his trenchcoat, he seals an envelope marked for Goliath and places it on a bookcase. "It's the stuff that dreams are made of." he says as he places his fadora on his head. He then flies off into an abandoned street behind a van. Two men jump out of the back but do not attack Broadway. He obviously knows the two. "Evening boys. Let's get this show on the road." Broadway leaps ito the back of the van as the two men close the double doors, enter the van, and speed off into an unknown destination.

Meanwhile, three gargoyles fly back to the castle: Hudson, Goliath, and Angela. The rest have found the note that Broadway left behind and a look of shock appears on their faces. As the three enter, Goliath asks of Broadway's whereabouts. Angela also shows concern, commenting that dawn's arrival is near. Brooklyn presents Goliath the note. He reads: "Hi guys. I know this is going to sound strange, but by the time you read this, I'll be..." Goliath stops amazed, but before anyone else knows the answer, the sun rises and they turn to stone. At the office, Xanatos asks the person on the other end of the phone, apparently Fox, why he never learned of her plan till now.

On board a private jet, Broadway, stone but in his normal garb, sits while Fox explains that the media is her field of buisness. If the project works, they might bring peace between gargoyles and humans as well as give them back their lives, she explains. David no longer argues with her, only wishing her luck and "give my regards to Broadway".

Day turns to night. The gargoyles at the castle now awaken. Goliath continues the reading the remnants of the note: "...out to Hollywood." Everyone is befuddled, but moresow Angela, dissapointed and angry that Broadway didn't discuss this with her or the clan. The rest of the note continues to say that he will have a live television interview with Shana Coil. Brooklyn notes that this is a major interview with a major interviewer.

However, Hudson and Goliath still have a bad feeling about the whole thing. Meanwhile, as the jet descends into L.A., Broadway awakens from his stone sleep. As he does, Fox gives him a small present. A pair of sunglasses. Fox comments that Broadway has potential and become a real star if he follows her lead. The pilots then tell her over the intercom that they cannot land because a small plane, with a pair of newlyweds, is about to make a crash landing on the LAX runway. The plane in question has one engine on fire and no landing gear. As the plane barrels for the landing strip, Fox's pilot states that the odds on them living doesn't look good. "Then somebody oughtta improve 'em", says Broadway as he leaps off the jet for the doomed plane. One of the reporters on the ground asks, "So where is this NY gargoyle Pack Media promised us?"

As the plane skims the foam padded runway, Broadway leaps on top of the plane and tears the roof off. He grabs the two passengers and glides them to safety just before the plane skids off the runway, flips over, and explodes. Broadway lands the two on the ground. Although the woman notes that he is a gargoyle, she embraces and gives him a kiss of thanks all the same. Immediately afterwards, the press rush to the scene. Braodway puts on his shades and faces the media as Fox's plane learns they have permission to land.

"Not a moment too soon.", comments Fox. Reporters chatter and flash bulbs flash as Broadway is surrounded by the media. Broadway signs an autograph, but before answering any questions, a limo pulls up with Fox inside beckoning him to hop in. Broadway gracefully excuses himself and gets into the limo which drives away from the airport. He loves the attention he's getting and Fox attributes that to his heroic act. As she does, she gives a thumbs up signal to those rescued, who give her one as well. In a comfortable position, he proclaims, "It doesn't get any better than this."

At the Santa Monica pier, a car pulls up near a waiting van. The man from the car approaches the van telling its occupants that everything is set up for tomorrow night. Whatever it is, it is an obvious trap for Broadway. The occupants of the van turn out to be Jackal and Hyena, "...Ready to show him exactly how cruel this town can be."

Act II

Traveling down the streets of Hollywood Broadway, dressed in his detective garb, pokes his large frame from the limo's sunroof and takes in the sights. However, his attention is drawn away from the city when he hears that Angela is on the cel phone. Angela expresses her concern and warns him that they cannot help him if he falls into trouble. Broadway calmly tells her not to worry and that the fans love him out there. She hangs up the phone in disgust.

Broadway feels Angela doesn't understand the situation and Fox tells him not to worry about it as they head for a power supper. There, two agents are arguing whether Broadway should have a talkshow or a horror film. As they argue, Broadway is surprised to learn that, although he is there physically, they talk about him as a freak.

Fox stops the squabble by saying that Broadway has called it a night and they will regroup later. As they leave, Braodway asks why would they want to insult him if they want to work with him. Fox replies, "If I knew that I'd own this town."

A group of people then start to run towards Broadway. He greets them with open arms but then gets tackled and have his clothes torn away. The mob stops and Broadway recovers. He takes Fox on his back, climbs the side of the building and glides towards his hotel.

Back at the castle, the gargoyles are still encased in stone. While watching a news report, Xanatos comments that the two people saved were actually stunt pilots. The whole rescue was a setup.

In L.A., Fox and her security team drive Broadway to the secret location where the interview was getting setup. Upon arrival, Broadway awakens from his stone hibernation. He then meets Shana Coil, who is reluctant but unafraid to shake his hand. Security is tight at the studio. Coil introduces Broadway as a mythical monster now known to be real.

As she does, Jackle and Hyena descend upon the roof and begin to tear it open. As the interview turns serious to light-hearted, Hyena plants a device on the studio lights while Jackal bars all the doors. Broadway wants the interview to continue to be serious, but Shana goes her own route asking about his love life.

Before answering though the lights short circuit leaving everyone in panic. A fan falls on Shana, but Broadway carries her off before it hits the ground. Security draws their guns and inspects the building. Hyena jumps the guard and makes a sly comment. Fox notices her and Broadway notices Jackal. Fox rushes to attack, but its of no use as she gets pinned to the wall. Broadway takes on Jackal but is soon electrocuted. Jackle then shoots out a mask which attaches to broadways mouth and releases a gas that knocks him out. Joined by Hyena, they place the unconscious gargoyle in a net. The rest of the security comes in but it's too late. Jackle blows a hole in the roof, and both villians fly off with their cargo. "Broadway has left the building."


Hugo, one of the guards knocked out earlier, stands watch outside the dressing trailer, as Fox gears up for battle. He comments that Xanatos would have men looking for Broadway by morning, but she says that they won't know where to look. She steps out of the trailer wearing the armor that looks like the one in "Hunter's Moon Part III." Having already placed a tracer in Broadway's glasses, she sets out to find him herself.

Hugo informs Fox that he has strict orders to keep her away from the fray. She has her own agenda, however, as she throws Hugo into the trailer knocking him out. She activates the jet's in her suit and flies off to find Broadway. In NY, David furiously asks Hugo how she got hold of the suit. Hugo figures that she kept it hidden, but David doesn't mind. He is more impressed now that angry.

After the call, Xanatos notices Goliath by the doorway. He too is concerned but asks Xanatos to have faith and that the problem will be solved.

At the pier, Jackal and Hyena sit with a camera ready, as the same red car from earlier ago pulls up. The man, named Lamont, asks the two about the status of the gargoyle. Jackle reveals Broadway still knocked cold wearing a jetpack of some sort. Jackal explains that the Quarrymen want footage of the gargoyle attacking the city to promote their cause. As Jackal activates the camera, Hyena pulls out her remote control and makes Broadway fly over the pier.

Still groggy and having no idea of what is going on, Broadway is controlled to aim his arm cannon at the pier and fire. Fox comes in and moves his arm as he fires. The beam hits a bumper car ride and Fox orders Broadway to take off the blaster. It fires again though, hitting some pier supports. Hyena notices the interference and commands the gun to overload. Fox is able to take off the blaster, the gun falling to the ground and exploding on the van.

Both cyborgs who dove out of the way recover and start to attack the duo. Knocked away by Hyena's blasts, Broadway is then captured by Jackal's net. Broadway finally recovers fully and uses the line on the net against Jackal, throwing him through the pier dock and into the sea. Meanwhile, Hyena and Fox duke it out in the air. With a swift kick, Hyena crashes down on Lamont, with Fox and Broadway landing to inspect the results.

In NY, the rest of the clan watches the second interview done with Broadway. Fox tells everyone that all the world wants to know more about gargoyles but Broadway wants nothing to do with Hollywood anymore. Goliath suggests that probably this was for the best.

Out on one of the towers, Broadway tells Angela that being a star means nothing if he can't be with her. She is reluctant to forgive him. He says that he will wait as long as it takes to be forgiven. As the sun rises, the two sit embraced in stone sleep. Holding each other in each other's arms. For now, all is forgiven.


by Juan F. Lara

A cute, campy episode that was fun to watch.

Good Points

Another comedy episode, this one giving Cary Bates his turn to poke fun at Hollywood types. The episode didn't have anything that you haven't already seen in other Hollywood satires. But Bates made the episode very entertaining by writing hilarious lines, some listed below. Broadway was the ideal character for this premise, his naivete being completely believable. So the episode never got heavy-handed about its points.

Fox had a better role here than in "Ransom". She played off Broadway very well for the first two acts, and got to demonstrate her ability to seize the initiative. Then in Act 3 she showed off her heroic abilities.

Jackal and Hyena reappeared. Both wisecracked a lot as they usually do, but seemed toned down from the sadistic psychotics they've been in other eps. Their characterization fit in with the episode's emphasis on comedy and light tone.

Bad Points

Actually, I didn't find anything in this episode that I really found bad. Only that this episode was very mundane. The comedy was good, but not as funny as "The Mirror". The fight scenes were well done, but standard. This episode really had nothing outstanding about it, but not all "Gargoyles" eps will.

Did Fox's body armor look exactly like Robyn Canmore's to anyone else? In fact with her hair in a pony tail, Fox looked a LOT like Robyn. Tacky recycling then.

Angela got stuck in Jasmine mode, feeling indignant over her S.O.'s foolishness. Ho-hum.

DYN: the hole the siblings blew through the roof. Gee, was the roof covered with studio-light wallpaper? :-)


Now people know that gargoyles are sentient beings that can talk. Actually, I didn't expect Fox's plan to succeed, and I'm curious as to how the public perception of gargoyles will change.

Ha. Ha. Very funny. Whatever became of that rock group anyway? :-)

Xanatos: I know it's no use trying to discourage you. So what else can I say except keep me posted, and give my regards to Broadway.

exec: No, no, no. We go straight to the horror picture. "Broadway Melody. The feel-good monster movie guaranteed to melt a heart of stone." Kind of a Robocop / Elemant Man thing.
[ I wonder of Devlin and Emmerich are having conversations like that. ] :-)

Broadway: Did they even know I was there? If they want to work with me, why were they insulting me so much?
Fox: If I knew that I'd own this town.

Broadway: But what I'd really like to talk about is my clan, and um, gargoyle-human relations.
Shanna: Yes, yes. Tell us now about your love life.

Xanatos: Devoted wife, mother, one-woman vigilante squad. What a woman.

Broadway: But Angela, don't worry about it, babe. You don't understand. They love me out here.
Angela: They?
Broadway: Yeah. My fans. I'm a hero. Fox says I've got heat.
Angela: [ hangs up ]

So "Broadway Goes to Hollywood" was an enjoyable piece of fluff.

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