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The Gargoyles Fan Website - News
Long time no news, and now it's a big move again. The whole GFW data (domain and sites) were moved. Many thanks to Chris Rogers for hosting the whole set of Gargoyles-Fans - websites all those years (and free of charge). Now, the domain has been transferred (not without some minor problems like waiting forever to get nameserver changes through), and the sites are hosted on a different server (now in Germany). I'm still trying to get all the sites running again, and I'm sure there's more than one bug still not found, but we'll be getting there.
The move is done except for a few details behind the scene - now it's time for a REAL update. So, here you are: The review for the comic issue 5: Bash, again written by Todd Jensen.
A purely technical update this time: The Gargoyles-Fans domain is moving. in the next few days, (nearly) all subdomains will be on their way onto a new home, as the old server they were hosted on is about to be retired. Don't worry though - most of you won't notice the move at all. If you belong to the small group of visitors who DO notice odd things during this move, please excuse the mess. We'll be back completely in no time.
Long time no updates, but finally, here is something for you: First we got a new entry in You know you've been watching too much Gargoyles when by Renee, and the there's Todd Jensens review of Clan-Building: Masque, issue number four of the SLG comics.
Longe we have waited, but now there's new "Gargoyles" content out in the wild. Thus, Todd Jensen gave us his review of the SLG comic Clan-Building: Invitation only Again, I still need a synopsis to go with the review.
Like an early christmas present, Todd Jensen brings us a review of Clan-Building: The Journey, the second issue of the new SLG comics. As with the previous one, I still need a synopsis to go with the review, plus this time I need the remaining credits.
Long time no news, but now I got a new filk song to announce: Night after Night by Jhessill/Renee
Thanks to Greg Weisman over at "Ask Greg", we now have dates to put on the Avalon world tour episodes. I added those dates to the World Tour Chart
Two new entries: A synopsis of The Green and a new Top Ten entry, both by dph of rules. Thank you, dph.