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The Gargoyles Fan Website - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

(Or: Things we thought you might want to know)

Why did you change the site?
Well, it was a long needed overhaul, wasn't it? The site wasn't even build with valid HTML, and some sections were WAY outdated.
But why are you using plain HTML files? Isn't a dynamic content engine much more flexible?
We are using a dynamic content engine, it's just “hidden” so that searchengines can scan the site
Why did you change the chat? I want the old chat back!
The old chat was a terrible beast of code. The new one should have nearly all the features of the old, but is a wee bit easier to maintain
What's that large, empty bar on the left side of each page?
It's a prepared placeholder for something coming up. No, I'm not telling yet.
When I press PageUp/PageDown, nothing happens. I need to click into the page to get the keys working. Why?
You're most likely using the Internet Explorer - the only browser that's not following standards (not even remotely). Therefore, it is incapable of determining that the scrolling area is what it is. Sorry for that. I'd suggest switching browsers and using Firefox anyways.
The site looks terrible in my browser
We tested the new layout with all major browsers (Internet Explorer 5 and 6, Mozilla (including Firefox), Netscape, Opera, Konqueror and even Gnome Galeon). If you use a different browser, chances are it'll still work, as long as your browser accepts and supports CSS. So if you've got problems with this site, contact us and report the problem (preferably including a screenshot of the wrong rendering and information about your browser)
So, what browser do you suggest?
If it has to be the internet explorer, at least make sure you're using the IE 6, with all security patches applied - especially for your own security. If you've got a choice though, I'd suggest Firefox.
I found the text [Missing] on a page...
Congratulations. You found one of the hidden secrets: A missing information. Now you have the unique oportunity: Fill in that hole, and get your name listen with your input. (Those sections can mainly be found in the reviews)
I've got new content (A Top Ten List, an episode synopsis, a filk song, ...). Are you interested? How can I send it to you?
Sure we're interested. Send it our way! Just use the comment form and send us your content.
So, what happened to the TGS episode reviews
I didn't get around to do do them yet, and I've yet to see if I will. Right now we're having so much episodes of TGS that are unreviewed... the list would be very incomplete. But if you're interested in reviewing TGS episodes (or just dig out your old reviews from within the TGS comment room archive), feel free to contact me, and the TGS review section will be brought back to life.
I'm missing the various spotlights, like artist of the month, website of the month, ...
Yes, me too. Unfortunately there seems to be a lack of volunteers to manage that monthly changing content, so it's not avaiable right now. As for the old spotlights - many of the hightlighted websites were no longer available, so I dropped them all for now.
I'm listed in the credits, but my email address is nowhere to be seen
Knowing of address harvesters scanning websites for spam targets, I removed email addresses where I found them. If you want your email address to be listed, just contact me, and I can put it in.