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Xoltol's and Guardian's Top Ten List

Top Five 'Rubber Jaws':

  1. Demona in "The Mirror" (the shot where she says "...All of them!")
  2. Goliath in "Awakening, Part II" where he's screaming at the Magus: "Bring them back!!!"
  3. Brooklyn's rubber beak in more than one shot in "Temptation", the best one is where he turns and says "It's all part of the look!"
  4. Desdemona(Coldfire??? What is that woman's NAME) in "Legion". You don't have to freeze frame it when she chomps Iago's hand to notice it's a bit over-extended...
    and the number one "Rubber Jaw" on "Gargoyles".....
  5. Bronx in "Enter: Macbeth", when he's trying to free Brooklyn and Lex from the cage.

Top Five Facial Expressions:

  1. The extreme close-up of Coldstone's face in the fight scene in "High Noon"(when he's whirling around to trip Iago.)
  2. Brooklyn's grimace (and grunt) when Malibu drops his elbow in Brooklyn's no-no zone! ("The Reckoning") Wonder why he wasn't soprano for the rest of the night....
  3. Talon's downright diabolical grin just after Maggie frees him from his prison in "Kingdom".
  4. Goliath's goofy smile after Elisa smooches him in "Hunter's Moon, Part III".
    and the number one Facial Expression on "Gargoyles!
  5. Tie: That idiotically quizzical look on Goliath's face when he first enters Coldstone's V-R world in "Legion".
    And Goliath's REALLY P.O.'ed snarl after Hudson supposedly got smashed in "The Price".
    And Just about any time you see one the Gargoyles(esp. Demona) with their eyes going off in two different directions.....

Top Ten Quotes from Irate Females(I'll let you guess who's talking!)

  1. Dream on, Spider-man!"
  2. "I think your head stays rock-hard even at night!"
  3. 'Enough of this! GET CLEAR!"
  4. "Remember your manners, dolt! I'm not through with this interview!"
  5. "Aye! Go yourself!!! Or be thrown out!!"
  7. "AAARRRRRGH!!!!!!!!!!... Catch!"
  8. "_I_ will choose who I love!"
  9. "Your LAST mistake..."
    And The Number One Irate Female Quote(And we've all heard this one:)
  10. "STOP calling me 'ANGIE'!!!!!!!!!!!"

And now for something more interesting:

Top Ten Gargoyles/Independence Day crossover occurrences

  1. The Trio takes off in one of the alien fighters (a-la "Her Brother's Keeper"), Brooklyn discovers the weapons array and spots Demona at the same time.
  2. A stunned Elisa gets out of her car, which is then rear-ended by five other vehicles, then broadsided by an armored truck.
  3. Goliath dragging an alien through the desert, grumbling about being at a barbecue, stopping frequently to kick the tar out of the alien.
  4. One of the city-destroyers blows up Avalon.
  5. Oberon blows up the city-destroyer.
  6. Demona teams up with the aliens (hey, they've got a common goal, don't they?)
  7. One the aliens grabs Puck and speaks through him.
  8. Coldstone and Coldfire being chased through the Grand Canyon by one of the fighters (Coldstone shouting "Ha! You can't hit nothing!")
  9. The Mayan Gargoyles get a real kick out of de-civilization!
  10. Lexington yells : "Ooh, shiiiit! (to Brooklyn and Broadway): Ah, hide!"

Top Ten Stone-Sleep Poses They Should Do...

  1. All seven of them caught while doing the Macarena.
  2. Same as above except while doing the Chicken Dance.
  3. They're frozen just a huge gust of wind blows up, and Goliath, Angela, and Brooklyn's hair all look REALLY weird, and Hudson's beard is blowing in his face.
  4. They're all doing an upside-down pyramid on Goliath's shoulders.
  5. Same as above except they're all in a fountain in Central Park.
  6. Broadway's expression just after Angela yanks on his tail.
  7. Broadway in mid-belch.
  8. Angela slapping Broadway.
  9. Same as #9 and #10 except they're doing the Can-can.
  10. Goliath in mid-sneeze.

Top Ten Other things I'd like to see.....

  1. Brooklyn and Lexington dressing up as Rocky and Bullwinkle.
  2. Gabriel doing an ad for "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter!"(am I the only one who notices a resemblance to Fabio?? Blonde hair, weird accent? ;-)
  3. A show with Brooklyn, Owen, Magus, Bruno, Duke L'orange, Maggie, Princess Katherine, Ophelia, Weird Sisters, Fifi le Pew, Daisy Duck and Wanda McDrake...(and about 2 tons of throat lozenges for Jeff and Kath!)
  4. Someone actually pronouncing the word "jalapeno" right!!! ARRGGHH!!! ITUS SPELLED WITH AN ROS , NOT AN RAS!!! JALAPEN-O!! I'M FROM TEXAS, I SHOULD KNOW!!! WHO STARTED THIS "JALAPENA" THING ANYWAY??!! :-(
  5. The Mutates on "Aladdin": "Read my lips: It's 'Maggie', NOT 'Mirage'!"
  6. Boudicca has puppies, half look like Bronx, half like Cagney.(Baaad kitty!!!)
  7. Goliath in a mohawk, nose-ring, tattoo that says "Bubba", and a black leather jacket.
  8. Angela in a mohawk, nose-ring, etc, etc.
  9. Demona. Iron mallet. Weird Sisters. Enough said? :-)
  10. Gabriel yelling at three of his rookery sisters: "STOP calling me 'GABE'!!!!"

Top Ten Gargoyle Activities For Slow Nights (and Elisa's reactions thereof)

  1. Playing keep-away with Owen's glasses. (Elisa watches them with a slight twitch in the left side of her face.)
  2. Hudson and Broadway leading everyone else in an aerobics workout. (Elisa decides to skip dinner, and Xanatos looks into earthquake insurance:-)
  3. Ring-around-the-rosie! (Elisa puts a hand on Goliath's forehead to check his temperature)
  4. Conga-line dancing around the castle. (Elisa checks her own temperature)
  5. Tie: Playing football. (Elisa puts a stop to it when Hudson, Goliath, and Broadway all dogpile Lex!)
    and Wrestling! Yeah! Six-man, uh, Gargoyle tag match: Talon, Goliath and Coldstone in one corner, the Trio in the other(gee, I wonder who'd win THAT one...) Owen's the ref; Angela's the lovely manager..... (Elisa: no comment)
  6. Water-ski formations in the pool. (Elisa's thinking they've got too much time on their hands)
  7. Synchronized swimming in the pool. (WAAAAY too much time!)
  8. Singing along with Barney!!! (Elisa starts looking into therapy)
  9. All singing and doing the Macarena. (Elisa runs out screaming- I know I would :-)
  10. The Can-Can! (Elisa yells "That's it! No more double-espressos with dinner!!")

Top Ten Adventures(Ordeals?) of Coldstone and Coldfire

  1. Coldfire beats the TAR out of Demona ("Payback time, Sis!!!").
  2. Coldstone, in the next room, watches Macbeth's reaction.
  3. Coldstone uses Coldfire as a TV antennae("Now raise your right arm a bit, love. No, no your right. Now fan your left wing and curl your tail up-wait that's perfect!")
  4. The couple gets hired at a bar: Coldstone as a bouncer, Coldfire as a cigarette lighter.
  5. On a wild night on the town, the couple spray-paints themselves a bright, neon orange, and conduct a car-tossing contest.
  6. Coldfire lays a huge, metal egg. That hatches a Transformer....
  7. Coldstone loses some parts in a battle, and Coldfire "borrows" parts from Hyena to rebuild him ("My love, I really don't think this head suits me! The shrieky voice and the urge to laugh maniacally is driving me crazy!!!)
  8. Coldfire shows up at the Eyrie Building with a huge plastic bag in tow. When asked the whereabouts of her mate, she promptly opens the bag, dumps out a pile of dust, remarking "Don't sneeze...."
  9. Gabriel's reaction when he meets his parents.....("Darling!" "Son!" Dull, heavy thud.)
  10. Coldfire dismantles her mate and her evil brother, and skips up and down Main Street swinging and banging their heads together, singing the theme song to "The Brady Bunch", having finally lost it.

Another Gargoyles/Mighty Ducks Crossover Top Ten

  1. Angela, Elisa, Ophelia, Mallory, and Tanya all have a girl's slumber party!! (Ack!)
  2. Corollary: They kidnap Nosedive, Wildwing, Goliath, Gabriel, and Broadway and give them makeovers".....
  3. Elisa pulls over the Migrator for speeding.
  4. Lexington flying (and crashing) the Aerowing(a-la RHer Brother's Keeper".)
  5. Angela and Mallory getting together and bitching about how idiotic men are...(perhaps this would take place sometime before "Turf")
  6. Talon thinks Dragaunus is actually Dr. Servarius suffering from a botched experiment.
  7. Lex, upon hearing Siege's voice, and mistaking him for Wolf, goes after him, only to be beaten into mush...
  8. Dragaunus falls for Ophelia.
  9. Brooklyn tries on Wildwing's mask and finds it a perfect fit!
  10. Tanya and Mallory beat each others' brains out over Griff!

Xoltol and Guardian