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The Gargoyles Fan Website

Wirebrain's Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Gargoyles Action Figures

  1. Middle aged Golaith with bear belly action!
  2. Netdweeb Lexington- watch him rack up a huge bill on AOL!
  3. never ending stomach Broadway
  4. No-Neck Brooklyn ('s already out)
  5. Matt Bluestone with plothole acessories
  6. couch potato Hudson action-less figure
  7. Maternity leave Fox (nuff said)
  8. Jalapenio screaming Goliath
  9. Coldstone bookholders
    and the number one upcoming gargoyle figure:
  10. PMS DEMONA with nagging action (this isnt exactly a pretty sight)

Top Ten April fools jokes on Gargoyles

  1. Give broadway a toy gun and have him walk into Elisa's Apartment
  2. Make Macbeth watch Highlander 2: The Quickening
  3. stick Icy-Hot in Xanatos's exo-suit
  4. Lock up Demona in a day care center
  5. install Salad shooters on Hyena and Jackal
  6. downloading "Pac-man" inside Coldstones head
  7. show Brooklyn his action figure
  8. Give Talon and the mutates jobs as Extras in the next WING COMMANDER game
  9. Put Broadway in the local Jenny Craig
    and the number one April fool joke:
  10. Give demona a barney doll

Top 10 match ups I'd like to see:

  1. Xanatos in gargoyle power armor vs. Batman
  2. the Pack vs. Power rangers
  3. Demona vs. Ripley (aliens)
  4. Duncan or Conner MacLeod vs. Macbeth
  5. Golaith vs. the Preditor
  6. Puck vs. Q
  7. Owen vs. Alfred (actualy i doubt it if they would fight,more like gripe about their employers "Habits")
  8. Brooklyn vs. Spiderman
  9. The Gargs vs. Ninja Turtles (Cowabunga!Jalpenia!)
    and the number one Match-up:
  10. Fox Mulder vs. Matt Bluestone (another non-battle,they would hang out at a coffee shop and talk about conspircies and the paranormal)