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Willie's Top Ten List

Top Ten Things That Really Piss Off the Gargoyles:

  1. Elisa refuses to get toilets installed in the library so Goliath and the boys can get some serious reading done.
  2. End up sleeping in some gutter cause some dumbass human thinks daylight savings time actually changes the amount of daylight.
  3. Have problems buy crack even in NYC because when they are asked if they want to buy some rocks their immediate response is "No, I have plenty when I wake up.
  4. People always complaining about the artwork, maybe things *did* look like that?
  5. Took 1000 years for humans to realize that accent was so damned annoying.
  6. No choice other than beating up muggers, only thing on TV is them damned infomercials.
  7. Goliath constantly being asked if he is really Batman on steroids.
  8. Dicovery channel keeps backing out of their deal to do the nature special until Goliath can promise a mating scene.
  9. Helicopters, computers, no problem. Elevator doors, now there's something to ponder.
    and the number one thing that really seems to piss off those Gargoyles is..
  10. Still hasn't gotten Brett Favre's autograph no matter how many times they go hang out with The Pack.

Willie Williams