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Wanderer's Top Ten List

Top Ten Things I Think Everyone's Wanting to See on Gargoyles:

  1. The Gargoyles visit a Con. Let's face it, they'd blend right in ...:)
  2. The Gargoyles visit an "underground" club. See above ...;)
  3. Hudson watching a talk show with people on it who've seen the Gargoyles.
  4. Claw (of the Mutates) saving the day at least once.
  5. Claw getting his voice back, or at least finding someone to be with ...(What can I say, I'm just a dreamer ...)
  6. Some of the minor characters getting their own stories.
  7. Heck, give the Mutates their own series. (Let's have the Gargoyles be the guest stars for a change.)
  8. The travelers getting back from Avalon, of course ...
  9. Xanatos getting sent to the hospital for once. (Less cheering, please I'm trying to keep my hearing:)
    and the number one thing I Feel the Viewers are Waiting to See is ...
  10. A Goliath/Elisa kiss. (So sue me, I'm a romantic.)