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Voluptus's and Victoria's Top Ten List

Top Ten signs You are Totally in Love With Brooklyn:

  1. You memorize every line or word he says.
  2. You recite those lines going down the hall in school.
  3. Your boyfriend starts to wonder why you have started calling him Brooklyn.
  4. You have the name Brooklyn tattooed on your arm.
  5. You make your boyfriend legally change his name to Brooklyn.
  6. You force your parents to move to New York just to find the Xanatoes building.
  7. You create a shrine to Brooklyn in your bedroom.
  8. You force your boyfriend to grow his hair longer and bleach it white.
  9. You show your friends pictures of Angela and ask,"ain't I better?"
  10. When your friends ask you what does your perfect guy look like you respond,"white hair,wings,and a tail.

Voluptas and Victoria