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Torrance's Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Most Twisted Gargoyles Fanfic Ideas: (drumroll please)

  1. Lexington: MUDdict
  2. Hudson: Jedi Master
  3. Demona vs Goliath: The Custody Hearings
  4. 3 words: Rescue Rangers Crossover
  5. Xanatos Gets Audited :P
  6. Goliath vs Ranma (Face it, the bug purple lug does not stand a chance)
  7. The Wedding Episode (awwww)
  8. Marvel Comics's newest
  9. One word: _Lemon_!
    and the most twisted Gargoyles fanfiction idea is...
  10. Sailor Angela (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Top Ten Gargoyles Crossovers No Sane Writer Would Touch (Drumroll Please....)

  1. Exit Angela of Clan Wyvern, Enter Bishojo Senshi Sailor Avalon!
  2. After discovering the true identity and ultimate plans of Chairman Quincy's heir apparent, Demona seeks out and joins the Knight Sabres to atone for her sins and keep Thailog from using the resources of Genom for his own ends.
  3. Lexington misdials an online assistance number only to connect with the RGO and come face to face with the sexiest sysop in the nine worlds....
  4. The charmed life of David Xanatos apparently comes to an end as his limo is destroyed by a rampaging winged demon on the streets of Manhattan. As he lies mortally wounded however, a small tibetan girl grants him his fondest wish....
  5. Brooklyn wakes up one fine evening from a rather wild night off, only to find Broadway, Lexington, and himself signed up for the King of Fighters Tournament (Come on, how many (hetero) men do _you_ know would pass up a chance at a full contact bout with Team England?!? H_H)
  6. When the Mists of Avalon brings the travelers to a Japanese mountain shrine, Angela meets and falls hopelessly in love with Masaki Tenchi (Much to the concernation of four of his Grandfathers' houseguests)
  7. One fine evening, a great image of Princess Emeraude appears above Castle Wyvern and *ahem* summons Elisa, Fox, and Hyena to become the Magic Knights of prophecy and save Cefiro.
  8. Roped into an Officer Exchange Program, Elisa Maza is transferred from her nice, normal NYC jurisdiction to Newport City's infamous Tank Police.
  9. David Xanatos initiates the hostile takeover of Mishihima Heavy Industries, blissfully unaware of exactly _how_ hostile CEO Natsume Akiko and her pet Office Ladies can get. Suffice it to say things escalate fairly quickly.
    and the number one Gargoyles crossover no Sane writer will touch....
  10. Demona summons the Overfiend *hides in bomb shelter*

H. Torrance Griffin