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The Gargoyles Fan Website

Tony's Top Ten List

Top Ten Educational Reasons to watch Gargoyles

  1. You learn cool historical stuff.
  2. For your Drama Class 101 you learn pick up a neat Scottish accent.
  3. You figure that if Hudson can cut off the TV to read. then you very well should do the same thing. learn by example.
  4. That with the right know how you to can learn to clone... study those biology and chemistry notes.
  5. You will amaze your English teacher with your wonderful speaking skills. ex. Macbeth
  6. Impress classmates and co-workers with Your vast knowledge of Gargoyles.
  7. Imagine how after hearing Richards you'll be able to recite the Gettysburg Address.
  8. You'll be able to perform Shakespeare.
  9. You know the first, second, and third race.
    and the number one Educational Reason to watch Gargoyles:
  10. You'll be able to tell what a water spout is.

Tony Bullock