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Todd Jensen's Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Scenes that Will Never Appear on "Gargoyles":

  1. The trio entering Bronx in a dog show.
  2. Demona changing her mind and deciding that she likes humans.
  3. Bronx and a fire hydrant (the censors would never allow it).
  4. Sevarius breeding giant pigeons to use against the gargoyles (same reason as above).
  5. Wedding bells for Goliath and Elisa (sorry, all you fans).
  6. Xanatos gazing moodily at a snowflake globe and murmuring, "Rosebud."
  7. Angela attacking somebody with a bazooka.
  8. Macbeth approving of Shakespeare.
  9. Servarius winning an Oscar (unless he brings Little Anton with him to the awards ceremony and tells the judges, "Little Anton will be very unhappy if his daddy doesn't win something."
    and the number one thing is:
  10. The gargoyles doing a rousing chorus of "Here comes the sun."

Top Ten Results of a Gargoyles/Dr. Who Crossover

  1. Bronx meets K-9.
  2. The Doctor saying to Jackal and Hyena, "When did the Cybermen get hold of you?"
  3. The Time Lords booking Demona and the Archmage for meeting themselves and breaking the First Law of Time.
  4. The Master tries to buy the Steel Clan from Xanatos.
  5. Ace and Elisa team up against Hyena.
  6. Lexington offers to help the Doctor repair the TARDIS's chameleon circuit. The Doctor frantically turns down his request.
  7. Demona tries to steal the TARDIS and use it to change history so that humans never developed in the first place.
  8. Those aliens that Nokkar was protecting us from land in New York - and they're the Daleks!
  9. Angela becomes the Doctor's new companion.
    and the number one thing is:
  10. The Phoenix Gate turns out to be the real power source of Gallifrey, where it ended up after "Future Tense" (all that business about the Eye of Harmony was the usual Time Lord false leads).

Todd Jensen