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Thailog's Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Plusses About Being Me:

  1. I'm dating this chick, she's immortal, into heavy weapons, genocide and world domination...
  2. If we break up, I've got a new girlfriend already cloned...
  3. I never have to worry about getting grey hair.
  4. I'm much more suave than my father.
  5. "Sevarius! Do something else ethically questionable!"
  6. $20 Million. No Taxes. Nuff said.
  7. I'm evil.
  8. "Rush hour traffic? Oh, I don't drive... (grin)"
  9. You should hear that Maza woman when I prank call her!
  10. Demona, well... *you know*! (blush)

Worst Ten things about being me:

  1. I can't find Grecian Formula *anywhere*!
  2. "Well... do I *have* to be there to open the account?"
  3. I'm greedy, deceitful and lecherous. Oh well...
  4. My "clan" consists of half-witted, warped clones who have difficulty using verbs.
  5. I thought of the name "Nightstone, Unlimited." Sheesh.
  6. "Curses! Foiled again!"
  7. I'm evil.
  8. I might be dead.
  9. I keep wanting to ask Demona how I, y'know... rate against Goliath...
  10. "Yes, I *know* I have my father's eyes!"