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Tara's Top Ten List

Top Ten Things You Won't See on Disney's Gargoyle's

  1. Demona on a date...with Lex (I can just see it now-Demona:"Don't be a pervert and look up Lex.")
  2. Any of the gargoyles driving a car (Goliath:"Sorry, Elisa forgot to put the student driver sign on the car!")
  3. Lex putting mirical grow in his cereal.
  4. Broadway or Lex trying a hair club for men.
  5. Gargoyle signal (derived from the bat signal)
  6. A gargoyle's eyes turn yellow with a smily face in in the middle.
  7. An episode where Demona isn't trying to kill something or another (Who would have it any other way?)
  8. A gargoyle trying to fix his hair after waking up (Goliath:"What's this liquid stuff?" A few birds fly from a nearby ledge.)
  9. Demona on therapy.
    and the number one thing you won't see on Disney's Gargoyles:
  10. Any one on the show getting drunk and singing (Interesting story line, huh? It would give Hudson something else to do than watch TV anyway!)

Tara Smith