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Susannah's Top Ten List

Top Ten Things I Won't See on Gargoyles

  1. A maniac chipping a gargoyle "statue"
  2. For that matter...a maniac accidently pushing a gargoyle "statue "off the edge!
  3. I have a question. What the heck was the Loch Ness Monster thing all about? (Not that I didn't like it. :)
  4. Elisa getting a new hair dew!
  5. A female having a non-skimpy outfit. (exspeshaly Demona!)
  6. A female on the gargoyles' team.
  7. Broadway getting trapped in a huge Reses peanut-butter cup and eating his way out!
  8. The gargoyls brush ing their teeth.
  9. Someone seeing the gargoyles break away from their stone covering.
    and the number one thing is:
  10. iza wearing sneakers!!!

Susannah Gullo