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Stormy's Top Ten Lists

Top Five "Did You Know's?"

  1. Did you know that there really was an Illuminati society? My history textbook describes them as a "deviant offshoot" of the Mason's Clubs. They formed in south Germany in the 17th century and considered so dangerous that the Bavarian government hadd them disbanded. Rumour has it that they organized a conspiracy to start the French Revolution, but the textbook dismisses this theory as "superstition." Sure, whatever...
  2. Did you know that "Xanatos" is the Greek name for the god of death? (It's more commonly spelled "Thanatos.")
  3. Did you know that the Gargoyle's version of Macbeth's and Duncan's personalities is more accurate than the Shakespearian? Seriously, the Scots saw Duncan as the creep and Macbeth as the legitimate ruler.
  4. Did you know that "Renard" is French for "fox"?
  5. Did you know that Gabriel is in for one heck of a shock when he meets his parents? What, you didn't notice? Think about it for a minute--what characters' features and coloration are combined in him? From reading the summaries of the third season episodes, I don't see one where Gabe' meets his parents. They darn well better have a fourth season of Gargoyles, at least so we can all see his reaction!
    REALLY OBVIOUS HINT (FOR THOSE WHO STILL DON"T GET IT) Gabriel (to Elisa): What, you think your family's strange? You just have a mutant as a brother. *I've* got a cyborg dad and my mother's soul is trapped in a robot body! Beat that!

Top Ten Things a Gargoyles Fan With a Really Sick Sense of Humour Would Love to See (But Never Will)

  1. Mrs. Maza's face at seeing her first grandchild (either a little mutate or a human/gargoyle crossbreed)
  2. Puck released to wreak unlimited havoc on New York
  3. Broadway with constipation
  4. Brooklyn's biker buddies introduce him to hallucinogens
  5. Anyone's date with Hyena
  6. An explosion where someone DOES get hurt.
  7. The remains of Macbeth's father and the first Hunter after they fell off the parapets.
  8. A gargoyle gets sucked into the air intake of a 747
  9. Bronx eats Cagney
    and the number one thing a Gargoyles fan with a sick sense of humour would love to see:
  10. In the very final episode of Gargoyles... Demona wins.

Mary "Stormy" Pletsch