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Stephanie's Top Ten List

Top Ten Places Avalon Won't Send Them Next

  1. The Great Mall of America (Elisa FINALLY gets some NEW CLOTHES!!!!!)
  2. McDonald's (Goliath: "Ah, we'll have 16 Big Macs, 27 orders of fries, and 4 milkshakes. Can I have some raw steaks with that?")
  3. Las Vegas (Elisa: "Goliath, where's the Phoenix Gate?"
    Goliath: "Ah, ummm......well....I ran out of money, and, uh...")
  4. The Tunnel of Love ('nuf said)
  5. The Golden Globe Awards ("And the Award for MOST DRAGGED OUT PLOTLINE goes to...")
  6. Jurassic Park (Angela tries to befriend the Velociraptors...)
  7. MTV's Singled Out (Goliath: "Let's get rid of "Blue and Deranged.")
  8. Ricki Lake ("Today we'll be talking about psychopathic homicidal 1000-year old ex-girlfriends...Goliath, let's start with you...")
  9. Jeopardy (Angela: "I'll take 'Magical Talismans' for 500, Alex.")
    and the number one Place Avalon WON'T Send Them Next
  10. Manhattan!

Stephanie Lostimolo