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Sokura's and Aldieb's Top Ten List

Top Ten Things You'll Never Hear On Gargoyles

  1. Xanatos: "Oops. I dropped Alexander."
  2. Elisa: "Oh, Goliath, sorry about the bullet wound in your arm."
  3. Brooklyn: "Let's invite Demona over for dinner."
  4. MacBeth: "I hate Shakespeare!"
  5. Fox: "I have a zit!"
  6. Broadway: "What? No thanks, I'm not hungry."
  7. Lexington: "Hey Brooklyn, how do you work this computer?"
  8. Bronx: "How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?"
  9. Hudson: "A woodchuck can't chuck wood, lad."
    and the number one thing you'll never hear on Gargoyles
  10. Goliath: "I'm tired. You go catch the lady falling off the building."

Sokura & Aldieb