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Scott's Top Ten List

The Top Ten Post-Avalon 'The Hero Reborn' Plots We Don't Want to See:

  1. The Travellers show an American youth how to tap into the full strength of his cultural heritage, and channel the power of Beavis and Butthead.
  2. The new hero embodies the eternal struggle between the Red Sox and the Yankees.
  3. "Unbeknownst to you, you are truly the long-lost descendant of the gods of Greater Upper Eastern Novo-Latvo-Sibirsk." "But Greater Upper Eastern Novo-Latvo-Sibirsk never *had* any gods."
  4. The living avatar of Cthulhu...
  5. "Well, yes, I believe in the legends all right, but I don't particularly want to participate. It's not that I don't think the world needs protecting, I just think you could do a decent job of it on your own. Sorry."
  6. A French lad gains the proportionate strength and agility of Jerry Lewis.
  7. "I am... the New Achilles." *THWAP* "Pity about that heel."
  8. "Now, take up your destiny as Icarus reborn!" "Okay!" [The hero proceeds to fly too close to the sun, dry out his wings to the point where they break, and fall to his death.] "We lose more Icaruses that way."
  9. Barney Reborn!
    and the number one 'The Hero Reborn' Plot We Don't Want To See...
  10. The Travellers come across a young Japanese martial artist in the mountains of China, and have to throw him into the Spring of Drowned Girl.

Scott Johnson