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Scott's Top Ten List

Top Ten Things I'd Like to See Demona Do:

  1. Smile for once without that maniacal laugh of hers.
  2. Do something totally unrelated to dominating the world.
  3. Join a cloister. (Hey, it's the flying nun!)
  4. Get along with Elisa.
  5. Admit she was wrong and seek psychiatric help from Lucy Van Pelt.
  6. Be an alcoholic... nah, forget it.
  7. Be a Mary Kay salesgargoyle. (Gotta meet them quotas!)
  8. Kill that annoying purple dinosaur, goddamnit!!
  9. Have her be the good girl for once.
  10. Have a boyfried that really IS concerned for her well-being and want to be with her all the time. Come on, there has to be someone who can put up with that attitude of hers...

Scott Brunson