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Schmucko's Top Ten(?) List

Stuff You Really Want to' See on Gargoyles...

  1. Hudson explaining just why the hell he looks like a Klingon...
  2. Demona wearing a top with TWO straps. (Excluding the Wedding dress thing.)
  3. Owen *Actually* getting Smacked around a little!
  4. Goliath NOT in a dramatic pose...
  5. Hudson Chug a 40 Ouncer! And act Normal.
  6. Xanatos with a Phaser.
  7. Lex actually KEEPING any of the Devices he repairs, and using in a later episode...
  8. The Pack Cutting That Damn "Dog ear" Hair!
  9. Goliath using some kind of Laser/Plasma Rifle! Moreover, Anybody who's NOT trying to nuke a Gargoyle using One!
  10. Some Kind of INTELEGENT Artificial Life Form, NOT merging with somebody, or getting Nuked at the end of an episode!
  11. Some more badass villians
  12. More goodass humans, who LIKE Gargoyles.
  13. A recurring Reporter for some kind of Tabloid harassing Goliath for an interview.
  14. Puck becoming a recurring Character. With attitude.
    (Oh, and by the way, I want to see Owen wit' a Cybernetic arm. Whooping' Ass. (Just kidding.))

J. Nidever