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Richard's Top Ten List

Top Ten Things You'll Never see on Gargoyles:

  1. Owen asks Xanatos if he should release the hounds
  2. Hyena sits down and questions Coyote about their relationship
  3. Bronx discovering that the Gargoyles found him on the set of Ghostbusters
  4. Everyone starts calling Xanatos "Number one"
  5. Elisa suddenly realises why she's been sick in the morning!
  6. Hudson discovers the wonders of the Home Shopping Network
  7. MacBeth suddenly pulls out a timer and says "Oh dear, time another slide!"
  8. Demona gets her own talk show...But no one even notices she's the weird one!
  9. Xanatos turns to Owen and says "Make it so!"
    and the number one thing we'll never see on Gargoyles
  10. The Gargoyles awaken only to find they've been bombed by pigeons!

Richard Jordan