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Peter's Top Ten List

Top Ten Things We All Want to Know About Gargoyles

  1. Why some gargoyles look almost human (Goliath), while others look more like birds or other animals (Brooklyn), and why they're different colors.
  2. How all the gargoyles have hair on their head but none on their faces (excluding Hudson).
  3. How dozens of people sight the gargoyles at times but they either refuse to believe in them, or they refuse to give a crap.
  4. Why Elisa NEVER changes clothes!
  5. Why no one ever goes to the clock tower besides Elisa (and Bluestone).
  6. What the hell was Demona doing in her free time over the course of a thousand years?!?
  7. How the gargoyles can wear such skimpy covering but never seem to expose anything unfit for public television.
  8. Why Elisa and Goliath don't just admit their feelings and have sex.
  9. Why we NEVER see or even hear about one of the Gargoyles "going the bathroom".
    and the number one thing we all want to know about GARGOYLES is:
  10. Why doesn't anyone get killed?!?!

(Peter Blau-stein)