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Paul's Top Ten List

Top Ten Things You'll Never Hear on 'Gargoyles':

  1. Xanatos to Owen: "Release the flying hounds, Owen!"
  2. Demona at Sunset: "God, I hate this time of the day!"
  3. Broadway to a local New Yorker: "Excuse me, where's the nearest McDonalds?"
  4. Lexington to a Secret Service Agent: No, I did not hack into the Pentagon computers and asked it to play 'Global Thermonuclear War!"
  5. Fox to Owen: "Mr. Burnett, It's your turn to change Alexander's diaper."
  6. Elisa to Matt Bluestone: "Is that a small piece of rock on your shoulder, or is that dandruff?"
  7. David Xanatos to a tech at Microsoft: "What do you mean I have a faulty Windows 95 operating system??!!"
  8. Angela to Demona: "Uh mom, who does your hair??"
  9. Coldstone: am I human, or am I Klingon, or....Ah what the HECK am I!!!!"
    and the number one thing you'll never hear on 'Gargoyles' is:
  10. Goliath to Elisa: Uh, Elisa? I was just wondering how uh....ummm..... uhhhh... you 'do it?'" :)

Paul Bender