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Nikki's Top Ten Lists

The Top Ten *Good* Reasons why Gargoyles is Better Than X-Men (The Show):

  1. 1 word--Wings
  2. Better fitting regular clothes.
  3. The Animation!
  4. The phisophical babble Goliath spews is far more beleivable than Beast's.
  5. There leader is actually useful.
  6. Does Beast or Wolverine ever roar?...They may scream they roar?
  7. SCOTT! JEAN! Oh, shutup, already! Most elequently stated by Elisa and Goliath.
  8. Goliath doesn't whine about somebody not following his orders all the time.
  9. New shows!
    and the number one good reason why Gargoyles is better than X-Men the show...
  10. There seems to be...yes, I think it is...Enemies!!!

The Top Ten Coolest SoundBytes in Gargoyles

  1. That thud when someone--namely a big heavy winged creature--hits the ground.
  2. That wing-gliding sound when they jump off the tops of buildings.
  3. Goliath's roar.
  4. Elisa's yelp when she falls of a building. Is she just in the wrong place at the wrong time or what?
  5. Demona's tiger growl!
  6. The Explosions, man! Hey, there should be and episode where something blows up every 5 seconds... wait, there's already been one. (Coldstone)
  7. Bronx's panting. Let's you know he's there(smile).
  8. That weirdo crunching sound when Broadway eats soft food.
  9. Thalogs' manical laughter.
    and the number one cool soundbyte from Gargoyles...
  10. Jalapena!

The Top Ten Things I'd like to see on Gargoyles

  1. ird sisters die their hair the same color. Goodness no!
  2. Hudson & Bronx in an episode all their own. Let's give the old guy and his dog some action!
  3. Elisa and Goliath express their love in one of those touching Beauty and Beast scenes.
  4. Keith and Thom switch voices.
    "Whoa, lay off the testosterone, Lex."
    "Goliath, have you been sucking on a balloon?"
  5. Xanatos and his groupies completely switch with the Gargoyles. Let's see if Goliath can come up with a diabolical shceme Xanatos can't figure out in 22 min.
  6. Weird sister *not* finising each other sentences!
  7. Someone actually listens ot us and CHANGES these people's clothes. Elisa's jacket has got to be reeeeal funky by now.
  8. A...smurf! Hiya Paul.
  9. The Phoenix Gate goes haywire and they're all transported to the Enterprise.
    and the number one thing I'd like to see on Gargoyles...

Nikki T Jones