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Neva's Top Ten List

My Tippy Top Ten Gargoyle Amalgamations:

  1. David Xanatos and John Lovitz's Lying Character
    David: Actually, Owen, I *knew* that was going to happen, yeah! That's the ticket!
  2. Lexington and MacGuyver
  3. MacBeth and Connor Macleod (Had to put that one in, though overly used...but...Christopher Lambert is on my watch!!)
  4. David Xanatos and The Brain
  5. Doctor Sevarius and Dr. Frank N Furter
  6. Owen and Pinky
  7. Elisa Maza and Officer Krupsky (Y'know, that one guy from West Side Story...)
  8. Demona and Vivian Alamian (Days of Our Lives)
  9. Owen and Ivan (Again, Days of Our Lives)
    and the number one character amalgamations IS:
  10. David Xanatos and Owen Burnett are....Laverne and Shirley!

Neva 'Mice' Huddleston