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Nayla's, Ellsway's & Elaine's Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Puzzles About Gargoyles:

  1. When will Bronx grow up?
  2. What is that blue mark over Fox's eye?
  3. What the heck was Titania talking about when she said she was repaying a favor?
  4. What do Una and Leo think now that Griff is missing, AGAIN?
  5. Is Puck ever going to come back?
  6. Will Demona ever use Titania's mirror again?
  7. What was Puck doing in that mirror anyway?
  8. Gargoyles, elves, talking animals, what's next; fairies?
  9. Gargoyles, humans, elves . . . next thing you know there will be vampires!
    and the number one puzzler
  10. Is the gargoyles TV show the new source of income for the STAR TREK THE NEXT GENERATION cast?

Top Ten Why's:

  1. Why was Elisa so quick to accept the gargoyles?
  2. Why can't Xanatos find where the gargoyles live?
  3. Why is it that when ever someone joins Xanatos's team they are replaced by a 'Xanatos clone'?
  4. Why can't Macbeth deside whose side he's on?
  5. Why did Lexington have hair when he was a human and not when he was a gargoyle?
  6. For that matter, why did Broadway?
  7. Why is it that when ever there is a fight and the castle is damaged the next time you see it it looks like brand new?
  8. Why did the other gargoyles stay on Avalon?
  9. Why hasn't anyone else found Avalon?
    and the number one why for Gargoyles
  10. Why can't Hudson's sword make up its mind on whether or not to turn to stone?

Top Ten Xanatos Puzzles

  1. Is Xanatos in an eternal sleep? (Did Owen forget to set the alarm clock?)
  2. When are Xanatos and Fox going to find time to rasie a screaming baby?
  3. When will Xanatos run out of money?
  4. Exactly how many buisnesses does Xanatos own?
  5. How did Xanatos move the castle from Scottlin to New York?
  6. And how the heck does that Skyscraper hold it up?
  7. What will Xanatos think when he finds out who Angela's parents are?
  8. Why doesn't Xanatos just crush them and get it over with?
  9. I thought every human had to have a heart to live, so how come Xanatos is still alive?
    and the number one Xanatos puzzle (okay so it is a question about Owen, so what?)
  10. Doesn't Owen know by now that it costs and ARM and a leg to work for this guy?!

Top Ten Avalon Mysteries

  1. Will Goilath and the others ever get home?
  2. Isn't Matt out there looking for Elisa?
  3. Exactly how full IS Elisa's mail box?
  4. Shouldn't the other gargoyles be bouncing off the walls wondering where Goliath and the others are?
  5. Goliath and Elisa have traveled everywhere, where to next? Under the sea?
  6. How about Minnesota?
  7. Will Elisa still have a job when she comes back?
  8. If not, then what?
  9. Gargoyles in space, need I say more?
    and the number one Avalon mystery
  10. What happens if Elisa, Goliath, Angela and Bronx are needed in two places at once?

Top Ten Gargoyle's Mysteries

  1. How long can Fang live in that... thing?
  2. When did Lexington start taking modern tecnology classes?
  3. What does Hudson find on that TV to watch?
  4. Where are the Tadloids in New York? Are they blind?
  5. Where do the gargoyles get their food, or do they eat at all?
  6. How much does a cop get payed in New York... enough to feed 10?!
  7. Where can I find someone like Owen to work for me?
  8. Kids are showing up everywhere, next thing you know Demona will be pregnant!
  9. If Demona has a kid, will Macbeth feel it?
    and the number one Gargoyles mystery
  10. How many people HAVE the gargoyles sent to the mental ward?

Questions, Questions, Ten More Questions:

  1. When are they going to add some more characters to the show that are going to STAY on the show?
  2. Where are all the girl gargoyles?
  3. Can gargoyles get sick?
  4. How do Broadway's wings support his weight?
  5. What ever did happen to Mace Malone?
  6. What will Matt do now that he is a member of the Illuminati?
  7. When will Goliath learn that a human and gargoyle can't go any further then friendship?
  8. What would the show be like if the humans and gargoyles traded places, for keeps?
  9. Don't the gargoyles celebrate any holidays?
    and the number one question
  10. Doesn't the police station notice that their electric bill has gone UP! lately?

Hello Again! Top Ten Questions's

  1. So when are the gargoyles going to have their 1,000th year reunion?
  2. Where did Goliath, Brooklyn, and Lexington learn to read?
  3. Who is supporting the gargoyles while Elisa is on 'vacation'?
  4. How did the boat end up in the University Pool?
  5. Aren't there any kids in New York?
  6. What would happen if a kid made friends with a gargoyle?
  7. How long do Gargoyles live?
  8. What would happen if a gargoyle fell 'asleep' over an ocean?
  9. Why not have a gargoyle that doesn't turn to stone but stays in gargoyle form during the day (like me)?
    and the number one:
  10. "So Elisa, what's it like being in love with a gargoyle?"

Top Ten... well you've heard this all before so we think we'll just skip it, you know what we are talking about.

  1. If a gargoyle turned to stone while touching a human, would that human turn to stone?
  2. Where does Demona get all of her laser guns?
  3. Goliath is always having to save Elisa, let's have Elisa save him for once!
  4. Why does Angela always get her butt kicked in a fight?
  5. What will Demona think when she finds out she has a daughter?
  6. What would happen if the princess and Magus left one of the eggs in the rockery?
  7. Why is gargoyles turning in to a soap opera?
  8. Do the eggs turn to stone during the day?
  9. Just how long is the night in New York?
    and the number one question:
  10. Why do their clothes turn to stone along with their bodies?

Top Ten Annoying Things About the Show That I Have to Ask About:

  1. Did Goliath and Demona have anymore children?
  2. Will Demona dop her evil ways and go back after Goliath?
  3. Why can't Demona see that Thailog is just using her?
  4. Why didn't the gargoyles have names?
  5. Of all the names, why did the trio have to pick streets?
  6. Why did Hudson name himself after a lake?
  7. Why was Goliath the only one with a name?
  8. Why do the gargoyles protect humans?
  9. How do the gargoyles get so strong?
    and the number one annoying... you get the idea
  10. Why was Kathrine such a jerk?!

Top Ten Gargoyles Questions:

  1. Do the gargoyles (besides Hudson) dream?
  2. Can Broadway get any fater?
  3. Where did the first gargoyle come from?
  4. Can Lexington get any smarter?
  5. Where did Oberon's children come from?
  6. Why haven't the humans ever heard of Oberon's children?
  7. Will we ever see Derick get a job? (as an electrition maybe?)
  8. Where did Brooklyn learn to ride a motorcycle?
  9. Why do the gargoyles turn to stone?
    and the number one
  10. When is the bank going to put up that sign by Elisa's house that says FOR SALE?

You've Seen Our Other Lists, These are the Leftovers

  1. What were Demona and Thailog doing in France?
  2. Savarios made one clone, what's to stop him from making another?
    And finally (yes folks we are done) (but we'll be back)
  3. Isn't anyone going to thank us for all these wonderful lists?

Top Ten New Characters You Should Add to Gargoyles:

  1. Have one of the trio become friends with a kid in Manhatten
  2. A gargoyle that is immortal and has seen the years gone by (they'd make a heck of a history teacher)
  3. A modern day wizard/enchantress who is not good but yet is not bad
  4. A character who switches sides often and is not to be trusted
  5. Have Elisa fall in love with someone else for a few episodes (what would Goliath say?)
  6. A gargoyle who knows where the first gargoyle came from and they explain (the mystery is really starting to get to me)
  7. A shadowy character (gargoyle or human) who drops in many times and helps the gargoyles out, doesn't revial his true identity
  8. A human with special powers, like ESP or something (hey the show needs something new)
  9. A human gargoyle crossbread, human by day and gargoyle by night but human and gargoyle are two very diffrent people (just like my friends Elaine & Ellsways)
    and the number onenew character you should add to Gargoyles
  10. A gargoyle who was made immortal, is a shape-changer, is afraid of small places because of previous years, high magical experience (in one word, ME!)

(More and more) Top Ten Questions

  1. Whose side is Savarius on?
  2. When is Q (or his voice) going to show up?
  3. How many more gargoyles are you going to add?
  4. Where did all the humans go?
  5. Who's going to get Angela?
  6. Don't you have enough clones already?
  7. Is Shakesphere one of your skript writers?
  8. Is purple your favorite color? (I mean you use it EVERYwhere)
  9. What the heck is the Gathering?!
    and the number one question is:
  10. Am I the only one who thinks gargoyles is turning into a soap opera?

Top Ten Things I Like About Puck

  1. "Big ole Daddy Oberon..." (with the finger movements)
  2. He's a trickster, and a good one at that
  3. One of the most annoying characters
  4. He'd be great at a party
  5. What he did to Demona
  6. How he 'out Vogeled' Vogel
  7. His 'props' in The Gathering Part II
  8. One of the few characters who can fly WITHOUT wings
  9. He's kinda cute
    and the number onereason I like Puck so much
  10. He bends Oberon's rules so well

Top Ten Things/People That Would Not Surprize Me If They Showed Up On Gargoyles:

  1. Big Blue Portal (SLIDERS)
  2. The Enterprise
  3. Spock
  4. Q
  5. Voyager
  6. Romeo
  7. Juliet
  8. Maskerade (Well, who do you think she is?)
  9. Elaine and Ellsways (hint hint)
    and the number one thing that would not surprize me
  10. If you put me on Gargoyles (even bigger hint)

Top Ten Things the Producers Better Not Put on the Show

  1. Power Rangers
  2. Sailor Moon
  3. Spiderman
  4. X-Men
  5. More of the fey (Though I must admit they are good for a laugh)
  6. More laser guns
  7. Another person who vows to find out what those flying things were
  8. More Shakespeare
  9. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    and the number one thing that they better not add to the show
  10. More clones

Top Ten Bad Guys I Hope They Don't Put On The Show Gargoyles

  1. Another crazed genetisist
  2. A crazed multi-millionare (oops, too late)
  3. A crazed ex-boyfriend
  4. Basically any more crazed anythings
  5. Another character who constantly changes sides
  6. A mutant Jalopina pepper
  7. Talking pink brain from another dimension
  8. Anyone from the negaverse
  9. More clones (am I getting my point across here?)
    and the number one Bad Guy I hope They Don't Add To The Gargoyle Characters List
  10. A magical baby (come on people, I mean besides Alexander)

The Top Ten Reasons I write All These Crazy Lists

  1. I got bored
  2. Hey, I'm a gargoyle (sometimes our egos need lifting)
  3. So the producers would have a place to look for extra story ideas (hint hint!)
  4. To give everyone an idea just how confusing this show is
  5. To give my views
  6. Xanotos told me to! (just kidding)
  7. I'm addicted to my computer
  8. I'm hopping Lexington will find his way on to this page
  9. People like to read them (I hope)
    and the number one Reason I Write All These Annoying Lists
  10. Because when you're 995 years old you run out of things to fill your day

Nayla, Elaine, & Ellsway Stone