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Michele's Top Ten List

Ten Really Cool Things about "Gargoyles":

  1. It may actually convince kids to read "Macbeth" and "A Midsummer Night's Dream."
  2. It gives you a reason to respect that hideous antique mirror you've got stashed away in the basement.
  3. Goliath didn't need rugged good looks, a fancy car, or astronomical wealth, to win Elisa's heart.
  4. Like the Energizer bunny, the plotline just keeps going and going and going and going and going and going and going...
  5. When it comes to voices, at least certain cast members have proven tremendous versatility.
  6. Now you can't complain YOU'RE having a really bad hair day.
  7. The irony in the names of the hero and villain (or is it ex-villain?)
  8. You can appreciate the fact that even though you have your little spats, the relationship with your girlfriend hasn't turned out as insane as Goliath and Demona's.
  9. Now you can go out of Friday afternoons.
  10. The title doesn't incorporate half a dozen cute adjectives or use illiteration. Simplicity is the key here.

Top Ten Signs Your Friend May Be One of Oberon's Children...

  1. He shies away every time you break out the flatware.
  2. When he speaks, every other line rhymes.
  3. He own a quaint little flower shop that has the slogan: "We deliver in 40 minutes or less of your pansies are free."
  4. When asked to run a simple little errand, he gets a huge kick out of completely twisting the request around.
  5. He still believes in the tooth fairy.
  6. You comment on how you wish you could have a decent relationship with someone else and he says, "No problem. Now, just tell me the guy's name and I'll handle it."
  7. He tells your Shakespeare professor that it wasn't Goodfellows fault that pompous windbag Oberon couldn't give clear orders.
  8. He thinks Tinkerbell is a major babe.
  9. Pointy ears, he looks nice in tights, nice hair, the ability to defy gravity...
  10. He's never around when something really, really weird is going on.

Michele Raralio