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Michael's Top Ten List

The Top Ten List of Things I Would Like to See in the '96 Season

  1. Some kind of follow-up on Merlin or Nokkar, the alien sentinel. (definite possibilities for epic threads, IMO)
  2. The reappearance of the Phoenix Gate in the hands of a time-travelling adult Alexander Xanatos.
  3. To repay his debt to Goliath, Renard hires a *good* scientist to find a cure for Derek and the mutates.
  4. A cult of gargoyle worshipping fanatical humans forms. (Oh, wait, we already have plenty of those ;) )
  5. The general public of the world discovering and reacting to the existence of gargoyles. (Do they have the same civil rights as humans?)
  6. A power struggle between the Illuminati and the Fey.
  7. A concerned government investigating Xanatos' covert use of genetics, mysticism, and highly advanced technology. (The man has nearly enough resources to take over the nation!)
  8. Demona finally coming to terms with her anger and leaving Goliath's clan alone for the sake of her daughter.
  9. Xanatos diverting MacBeth's link with Demona to himself, giving MacBeth freedom and Xanatos immortality.
    and the number one thing I Would Like to See in the '96 Season is:
  10. Dragons! ('nuff said)

Michael Ward