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Michael's Top Ten Lists

Top Eleven Things We'll Never See On Gargoyles

  1. Someone notices that those "statues" on the clocktower are missing during the night.
  2. Xanatos actually walks around WITH a bodyguard or two!
  3. Hyena and her brother say something besides cliches.
  4. Fox says, "Darn, I broke a nail!"
  5. MacBeth quotes Shakespeare.
  6. The gargoyles enter (and win) a beauty contest.
  7. A episode ends without Goliath trying to be philosphical.
  8. A whole episode with no fistfights.
  9. Xanatos builds a robot that is NOT destroyed during the show.
  10. The three Weird Sisters in curlers.
    and the number one thing We'll Never See on Gargoyles:
  11. Demona fighting fair.

Top Ten Things I'd Like to See on Gargoyles

  1. Xanatos has Owen pull up to another limo and say, "Pardon me, but you have any Grey Poupon?"
  2. The Weird Sisters get casted in a new TV series called "Sisters of the Three Stooges".
  3. Elisa explaining to the cops EXACTLY how she got shot...
  4. A crossover with Demona as the bad guy on an episode of "Chip N' Dale's Rescue Rangers" (I can see it now: Demona: "Curse those retched rodents!")
  5. Michael Dorn forgets himself and has Coldstone cursing the Romulans.
  6. Demona on one of those 24 hour cooking channels. ("And knowing how you humans love tangy food, I'd suggest adding plenty of Drano to the mixture...")
  7. Xanatos says to Owen, "No, it's just TOO expensive!"
  8. Fox giving birth to twins! (And Xanatos' reaction thereof)
  9. Owen in a nursing home for the elderly. (Owen: "Blast it nurse, don't ya have a decent cup of tea around here!")
    and the number one thing I'd Like to See on Gargoyles:
  10. During the middle of a tense standoff with Elisa, gun out and ready to fire, and Demona with a bazooka, Goliath steps between them and says, "Now, now, guys, we can resolve this whole thing without violence..."

Michael A. Smith