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Michael's Top Ten List

Top Ten Things I'd Like to See

  1. Goliath posing for an "A Hard Man is Good to Find" poster.
  2. Owen doing the same.
  3. Elisa actually getting any sleep without being shot first.
  4. Talon and the boys on a night out, sitting on a fence and yowling.
  5. Lexington getting a blind date over the Internet.
  6. Hudson watching a Mary Tyler Moore rerun
  7. Broadway watching "Coach"
  8. Xanatos watching Star Trek: The Next Generation.
  9. Or Coldstone, or Demona, or Puck doing the same.
    and the number one thing I'd like to see on Gargoyles is:
  10. Brooklyn confiding to the other Gargoyles: "You know, I really LIKE wearing leather!"

Michael McAdam