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Meghan's Top Ten List

Top Ten Things I'd Like to See on Gargoyles. (That kinda is sounding a little "cliche" by now, isn't it?)

  1. Some of Angela's sisters comming to Manhattan and their reaction thereof.
  2. Brooklyn, Lexington and Brodway going to Avalon and the reaction to all the GIRLS!
  3. Owen tryes to teach Xanitos' s kid how to change others shape and getting Goliath in the same state Demona is in.
  4. It turns out that the anomaly in the Bermuda triangle turns out to somehow be Demonas fault in her never ending quest to kill humans.
  5. A human girl (or guy, but I would prefer it to be a girl) save Demona's life and in the act puting the girl on the line between life and death; and the only way to save her is to gernerate cells rapidly (and Demona is having an identity crises any way because an puny human saved her life) and so Demona turns her into a gargoyle.
  6. What happens to the new gargoyle. (What do you think? Sewers or castle? Or possibly even science lab? :)
  7. The Mayan Gargoyles showing up in Manhatten.
  8. Any of the Gargoyles from Japan showing up in Manhattan.
  9. Q showing up in Mannhaten on acout of the fact that he got the charicters mixed up because of the voices.
  10. What Angela would look like as a human (That darn Puck is at it again!) and the security video that shows what Xanatos looked like when everbody that was in Manhattan, when we first met Puck, was change into a Gargoyle. (For those who like the abbriviated version; What Xanatos looked like as a GARGOYLE!!!!)

Meghan Chalmers