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Matthew's Top Ten List

Top Ten Things that Will Never be Seen on Gargoyles:

  1. Thailog taking Ross Perot's place to run for President (after all, he's got 20 billion dollers)
  2. Ponderosa workers trying to get Broadway out of their all you can eat buffet
  3. Demona trying to get on Opra (a gargoyle and a human who can't keep their vows)
  4. Talon taking his old police job back.
  5. Angela ever mating with the trio, yet never with Gabriel, either
  6. Lexington getting his very own web site
  7. Hudson being reconized as the longest living creature on the face of the earth.
  8. Matt being forced by the Illuminati to marry Elisa
  9. Oberon ever growing up (mentally)
  10. Thailog fighting for a spot on Hooser Millionare

Matthew Shoemaker