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Mary's Top Ten Lists

Top Ten List of Things that We Want to See, but Won't:

  1. Xanatos with his hair NOT in a pony-tail.
  2. Garbriel coming to Manhattan from Avalon.
  3. Demona has another child.(So, um, Demona, what did you do exactly when you were going out with Thailog?)
  4. One episode that DOESN'T have Goliath in it.
  5. Demona during the day, shopping at a grocery store. (They have them in caramel flavor now?!?)
  6. If Breeder's Moon was real...(See Station-Eight--Gargoyles fanfic archive to learn more about it)
  7. If Demona came back to the Good-but side.
  8. Goliath smiling for more than 5 seconds.
  9. Goliath laughing.(At a joke, etc.)
    and the number one thing We Probably Want To See Is...
  10. Goliath kissing Elisa.(Instead of the other way around-I can see it now...)

The Things You Will Never Here On Gargoyles:

  1. Elisa says, "I love you" to Goliath.
  2. Demona says, "I'm gonna kill Puck!"
  3. Goliath says, "Angela, there's something I should tell you about Elisa and me..."
  4. Broadway says, "I'm not hungry"
  5. Brooklyn, singing to a NIN song and headbangs with it.
  6. Lexigton says, "Computer, boring, I'm into learning about Human reproduction!"
  7. Thailog says, "Hey baby" to Demona.
  8. Goliath says," I love you" to Elisa.
  9. Talon and Maggie when they are alone.
    and the number one thing You Will Never Here On Gargoyles Is...
  10. Fox and David the night she got pregnant.

Mary Andrews