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Mark's Top Ten List

Top Ten Things We'd (I'd) Like to See on Gargoyles, but Never Will:

  1. Brooklyn walking into a toy store and trashing the place because on misrepresentation.
  2. Coldstone carrying around a can of oil, singing "If I only had a heart"
  3. Steelclan vs. Short Circut
  4. Gargoyles walking into Wal-Mart, shoping for plaster-of-paris. (had to add it)
  5. Owen saying "No"
  6. Jackal and Hyena going to pieces.
  7. Gargoyles taking on the rest of the DA lineup.
  8. Goliath meeting with Clinton and Gore, discussing the rise in violence in the city.
  9. Goliath's voice crack.
    and the number one thing is:
  10. Robbyns, feeling Hudson's face for the first time. (Hudson, what big teeth you have!)

Mark Hahn