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Marie's Top Ten List

Top Ten Things that a First-time Gargoyles Viewer Might Think:

  1. "Is that guy supposed to be Mulder?"
  2. "Why do I suddenly want to talk about my emotional problems whenever that blue psycho chick is on?"
  3. "Hey, is that a Shakespeare reference?"
  4. "Why is that redhead dressed like a Solid Gold dancer?"
  5. "That smarmy guy in the purple that ALADDIN?!?"
  6. "I hate to break this to Hudson, but the only thing on TV at four in the morning is infomercials."
  7. "Isn't is kind of weird that EVERYONE is always awake all night long?"
  8. "Something tells me the casting directors were at the TNG closing party."
  9. "Hey, she's HOVERING...I thought you said they couldn't fly!"
    and the number one thing a first-time Gargoyles-viewer might think:
  10. "Is this an animated version of 'Beauty and the Beast?'"

Marie Conrad