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Malibu's Top Ten List

Top 10 Gargoyles Eps I'd like to see (But won't):

  1. Goliath and Demona engage in a heated debate over the custody of Angela. (Goliath: I deserve custody because the mother is a genocidal human-hating maniac. Demona: *I* deserve custody because the father is in love with a human and doesn't know real gargoyle ways. Then they start beating the hell out of each other.)
  2. Angela and Demona mud-wrestling :)
  3. Brooklyn decides to go "explore some of the human's party places" with Elisa and they come back totally drunk.
  4. Brooklyn finds himself in bed with Elisa :) (see #8)
  5. Goliath finds out. (Brooklyn would be the second, third and fourth in command)
  6. Severious gives up his cliched villany
  7. Demona finally gets rid of that PMS
  8. Angela gets the PMS
  9. Angela goes out with Brooklyn and comes back pregnant :)
    and the number one thing I'd like to on Gargoyles (but won't)
  10. Elisa finds out *why* they named him Goliath.