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L.M.'s Top Ten List

The Top Ten Untapped Merchandising Ideas for "Gargoyles"

  1. Web page: (Okay, so it's not exactly merchandise!) "Guide to Late Night TV" Content provided by Hudson, graphics and layout by Lexington.
  2. Apparel: Illuminati-style bathrobes.
  3. Pet Products: Bronx's own line of (nearly) indestructable chew toys.
  4. Game: "Demona's Genocide" -- a game of strategy and vengeance where you eliminate the entire human race.
  5. Book: "Cooking With Broadway" Hundreds of recipes to feed an angry mob or one hungry gargoyle.
  6. Book: "How To Be The Perfect Executive Assistant" by Owen Burnett. With tips on:
    - repressing personality
    - dealing with nosy law enforcement officials
    - defending corporate headquarters from assorted commandos, creatures, and supernatural beings.
  7. Toys (varient of chemistry set): Dr. Sevarius's Gene Splicing and Cloning Kit
  8. Toys (varient of building set): The Xanatos Robotics and Cybernetics Sets. Choose from Beginning and Advanced sets. Note: The Xanatos Cybernetics Set will work with Dr. Sevarius's Gene Splicing and Cloning Kit.
  9. Cosmetics: "Immortality" -- a new lotion by David Xanatos. (Warning: May cause applied area to turn to stone.)
    and the number one untapped merchandising idea for "Gargoyles" is...
  10. Roof Decor: Gargoyles statues! Molded in simulated stone PVC plastic. Choose from Goliath, Brooklyn, or Bronx. Hudson, Broadway, and other models comming soon. Better than pink flamingos on the lawn!

L. M. Kogler