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Liberty's Top Ten List

Top Ten things I Can't Stand on Gargoyles

  1. When Xanatos pretends he doesn't know anything, but in the end, it turns out he had everything pre-planned.
  2. When Matt blabs about the Illuminatee (sorry if it's spelled wrong).
  3. When Matt blabs about paranormal stuff like UFOs or something.
  4. When Brooklyn sees Talon and Maggie together, he gets all sad and everything.
  5. When Elisa falls and Goliath quickly comes to her rescue.
  6. When Owen sucks up to Xanatos.
  7. When Goliath says to Angela: "Children belong to the clan. It is the gargoyle way".
  8. When Xanatos gloats 'cause he thinks he has won.
  9. When Demona blames Goliath for what happened to the clan.
  10. Hyena's laugh!

Liberty G.