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Laura's Top Nine List

Top Nine Crossovers:

  1. Hecules vs. Goliath. Who would win?
  2. Disney's "Beauty and the Beast". But Elisa was wearing that costume. Does that count?
  3. "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" meet Derek and the mutates.
  4. Hudson and the "Mary Tyler Moore Show".
  5. "Beauty and the Beast"(the series). Vincent would feel right at home in the Labyrinth.
  6. "Jurassic Park" II. Sevarius makes dinosaur clones for Xanatos, who is starting an amusement park.
  7. "Star Trek: The Next Generation". Actually, they're practically doing that every show.
  8. Shakespeare crossover, which wouldn't take too much effort; they would have to make few new characters.
  9. Highlander: The series". MacLeod and MacBeth have so much in common, it's unbelievable; their country, their high sense of honor, their lifespan...

Laura Elizabeth Isham